Lavender Oil Research Confirms Positive Benefits


Lavender Oil Research Confirms Positive Benefits

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Did you know that five studies confirm that the daily ingestion of lavender essential oil has enormous benefits?  I’ve always known that lavender essential oil was helpful in a diffuser for relaxation and calming.  Most likely it was one of the first essential oils I was introduced to when I went to massage school.

According to a newsletter put out by The Ananda Apothecary, a series of research studies have positively evaluated the safety and efficacy of 80mg of lavender essential oil ingested daily in a capsule.  OK, I have to pause here for a disclaimer and say that with anything you take, make sure you speak with a qualified medical provider first.  I share what works for me, and you need to evaluate if it works for you.  I make these claims based on my usage of this product.

Better Sleep And Anxiety Relief

The studies conclude that lavender oil resulted in significantly better sleep and relief from anxiety.  In one study, there was a pronounced antidepressant effect and improved mental health and quality of life.

Personally, I’m always cautious when using things like this, and I think that is a wise thing to do.  So, last night I decided to give this a try.  Now, I did not have capsules to put it in which made me improvise.  I’m not sure if I did the correct thing, but I put about four drops in a tiny little bit of water and drank it right before I went to bed.  The taste was not the greatest, but I took a sip of regular water after that, and I was okay with it.

It Worked For Me

While I was not sure of what to expect, I noticed a couple of things.  I slept through the night which has been difficult for me lately.  I also felt calmer and peaceful.  If you had seen my day yesterday, you would know how much I welcome calmness and peacefulness.

According to The Ananda Apothecary, the research found lavender oil to be as effective as prescription sedatives for anxiety and sleep.  Also, it does not have the side effects or the potential for addiction.  It also was found to be effective for generalized anxiety disorder.

Please note that 80mg of oil is about 4 to 5 drops.  There is more information on site regarding lavender oil.

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