Keeping Ego And Judgment Out Of Healing


Keeping Ego And Judgment Out Of Healing

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How do you keep ego and judgment away?

First, you need to understand when the ego is stepping in. That’s the voice that comes in and tells you that you’re not doing something right, or you’re not good enough. For me to get out of my ego mind, I must understand that it was trying to take over. Ego overpowers the truth of what really is.

Sometimes I’ll find myself asking why am I not getting through to a client. Am I doing this wrong? Is it them, is it me?

That’s The Ego

That’s the ego. As soon as you’re questioning, then you’re in your head. It’s not up to us to see what happens, but to open that space so that whatever happens is without judgment.

When I prepare to do healing work, I say a prayer. Every day. I ask the universe to remove my ego — that it doesn’t belong there. It has no place in what I’m doing. I ask to be a channel of the universal healing power. Then I surrender to it so that when I step into the room and see a client, it comes from my heart, not my mind. I no longer think of how I need to fix them. I’m saying I’m here to help if I can and let’s see what happens. I let myself be guided, not directed through my mind. Yes, you have thoughts of what to do, but the ego is the one that beats you up or belittles you.

Step Aside – Healing Happens

It’s best to step aside from that with a reminder that however the healing happens, it’s not for me to decide. It’s not for me to say if the person is healed or not healed. To me, it’s to offer that space, what I know, and the love. Everything else needs to disappear because there is no room for it.

If I show up with my heart, and teach someone to turn off their brain and be in their body, physically, then they will self-discover. Then they take over. It’s not me. I’m the guide to bring them into it. My whole goal is to get the person to turn off their brain enough to come into the body to self-discover. There’s a communication that goes on inside of us, in our bodies, if we tune in to it.

Never judge the person.  There is no place for judgment.  You have to stand there in your own truth. It has to come from compassion and love. Everything else goes out the window.

If you’re coming from compassion and love, then you can’t go wrong.

– Barbara (Insights Into Healing)

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