Journaling For Manifesting Reality


Journaling For Manifesting Reality

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When you believe it, you see it – Journaling for Manifesting Reality

Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say that when you believe it, you’ll see it. An excellent way to bring the things we desire into reality is to put ourselves into the vibration of already having that which we desire. Journaling is such an excellent tool to use because we are using our intention (the thought of what we desire) and it’s coming through our bodies, onto the page and out into the universe. It also works with our throat chakra. I think you will agree, that when I say that saying things makes them more real. We are acknowledging certain truths to ourselves as we say them aloud.

Sometimes it can feel unnatural or silly to start affirming that you have your dream job, or that you have met the person of your dreams when it hasn’t happened. This is where journaling comes in handy. By writing it, you can create it as if you are writing a story. I find that journaling is effective when I’m setting intentions for the week. Every Sunday night, I write about my intentions for the week . I outline what I want to happen this week.

Journaling Example

  • Three new clients called me to book this week.
  • I’m so excited about the way this month is shaping up.
  • I’m so busy with readings, and I am so happy.
  • Work is giving me great feedback, and I am progressing well. I love my job.
  • My spirituality is growing and changing, and my intuitive talents are developing

You get the idea. The main point is that you ensure that you are writing about things as if you have them. This is the caveat with the Law of Attraction. Where attention goes, energy flows and what you resist persists. While it’s essential to have a good understanding of the things you don’t want to get yourself clear on what you do want, remember not to dwell on the things you don’t want.

Maybe it is a new relationship you want. If you are journaling about it, you may want to write about the person themselves. What do they look like? What qualities do they have that are desirable? Where do you meet them? You’d probably be surprised at how things come to pass once you’ve written them.

Here’s another example.

Let’s say you’re looking for a new job:

I am so happy with my new job. My office has a desk, a window, a phone and a bunch of bookshelves around the perimeter of the room. I have binders on the shelf, and the window faces east. My phone is ringing. I answer it, and the Vice President tells me what a great job I am doing. I am enjoying the tasks given to me, and I complete them with ease. All is well, and I am happy. My success is assured in this position, and there are many opportunities for training and advancement.

Or, you are looking to improve your relationship with your spouse/significant other:

Things have really improved with Johnny. He’s helping out a lot more around the house, and he’s complaining less about it. He has been extremely helpful and supportive, and I can’t believe the change in him. Since he is happier, so am I.  My life is getting easier as communication is improving between us. I finally feel a renewed sense of passion for him. We are both sincerely working on the relationship and our love for each other is stronger than ever.

What I am getting at with writing is write as if you already have it? Your intention is covered here because you are clear on what you want to happen.

Find A Journal

Head out to the store and find yourself a journal that speaks to you. Every time I see one I like I pick it up, so I am getting quite a collection. I love to have different journals for different things. There is one for channeled writing and I have another for my chakra journaling project, there is another one I have just picked up for journaling whatever I feel like on any given day.

Have A Special Pen

I have special pens I use for journaling as well. I think if you are going to be using journaling to manifest the life you love, it makes sense to have special journals and pens as the tools to make it a sacred process.

It will work best if you take a few minutes to center your energy and take a few deep breaths before you start writing. Just get really clear and focused and allow your heart to write your truths. You can also use journaling to release things that are painful. Once you’ve written about them, you could end your entry with I forgive and release this situation and all involved with love. Consider that as yourself drawing a line under the whole situation. Writing can be therapeutic and help us move forward.

Journaling will help you clear any clutter in your throat chakra as you intend, write and release it with love.

Enjoy the process and watch the changes come into your life!

– Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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