January 2019 Blogs I Read


January 2019 Blogs I Read

Give these January 2019 Blogs I Read some love by checking there stuff out.

Blinded By Healing Paradigms
Defying Health Issues
How Does Trauma Affect The Brain – Part 3

Even though it says January 2019 blogs I read, it doesn’t mean that is when they were written. Some of these, I got around too much later than they were posted. There are times when it goes that way, but I actively look for things that are inspiring, uplifting, authentic, and often related to Mind Body Thoughts.

Hope you enjoy these. Give these January 2019 Blogs I Read some love by checking there stuff out.

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The Best Gift For A Teacher

  • Blog: Write On Ejaleigh!
    • An excellent blog on what matters most to a teacher. Hint – according to this teacher, it isn’t wine or expensive chocolates. I didn’t realize people were buying that many gifts for teachers until I read their blog. It sounds like many overdo the gifts and maybe it is better to have something shared deep from the heart.
    • Twitter: @ejaleigh

Stop Doubting Yourself

  • Blog: Jess Is A Mess
    • I love what this blogger said, “know that your doubts are not the truth”. Oh, that’s a biggie for me. My doubts sometimes are so convincing that they stop me dead in my tracks. Sometimes I just keep going whether they are there or not, almost acting as if they don’t exist. It is a way I trick my mind to move past them or at least see more than what my doubts want me to see. A great find for the January 2019 blogs I read section.
    • Twitter: @Jessisamess79

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

  • Blog: Cynspo
    • This is one of my favorite lines in their blog post – “And then somewhere in the transition from child to adult, we lose that feeling, and stop believing in ourselves.” You are absolutely correct in my view that we need to take action and do it. Glad I found this because it was a good read.
    • Twitter: @cynspo

How I Dealt With My Mental Health Problems

  • Blog: MrAnythingGoes
  • I love blogging. It helps me to get my thoughts out. Sometimes though I only write things that for my personal journey, but I use them to serve as mile markers. If I really get down and discouraged, then I can look back and remind myself of how far I have come. I continue to work on “letting go of the past” because it is a biggie as this blogger said. Excellent choice for the January 2019 blogs I read.
  • Twitter: @PaulMcG1994

Is Relaxing A Waste Of Time

  • Blog: Broken Saints
  • In the January 2019 blogs I read, this one caught my attention. As I was sharing with this blogger, I get that same way with relaxing as they were discussing. At times, I think there’s so much more I could do. Often times, it is that I feel like I can’t give up a minute because the to-do task list is so long. Then I realize that the more I can take care of myself, the more I can accomplish and so relaxing becomes very important. Some days it is a much bigger struggle than others on the importance of relaxing.
  • Twitter: @BronwynAnn

Why Being In A Relationship Sometimes Means Being Stubborn As Hell

  • Blog: Life’s Little Musings
  • I remember when we first were together and our ways of looking at life and living life clashed. It wasn’t that one of us was right or wrong – it was just that we both came from different experiences. Sometimes those things built up to a level where our frustration with each other was quite high. At one point, we were ready to end it all – and then…. something happened. Both of us thought about why we wanted to be together and all the little frustrations began to shrink. We saw what really mattered and kept working towards that all the while learning how to compromise. We’ve now been together over 19 years and continue to grow individually and together. We’re still madly in love with each other and I can say that both of us have become much better people as a result of staying together.
  • Twitter: @lifeslilmusings

Why You Should Love Yourself First

  • Blog: Monica Vaklinova
  • In this January 2019 blogs I read, I really agree with this blogger. It has to begin with self-love. If we don’t have that, we’re missing out on what role we play as a human in the humanity of this world. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we love others? Your blog post is an excellent way to start out the new year!
  • Twitter: @monicavaklinova

If We Thought Of Mental Illness As A Benefit

  • Blog: AnneMoss.com
  • You know, I’ve often thought that those of us in the world who are highly creative, sensitive, aware – are the ones that struggle the most. Some of my most difficult experiences have created things that have helped so many. I often wish I wouldn’t have had to deal with what I did, but then in many ways, I wouldn’t be me. However, I also believe though in healing from these things, it is the journey we are on to discover so much more. In the process, we help so many more as we touch our innermost selves. Great video you shared here!
  • Twitter: @AnneMossRogers

How Trauma As A Child Affects My Adult Relationships

  • Blog: Surviving My Past
  • Writer: Brandon Leuangpaseuth
  • One of the January 2019 blogs I read has many great blog posts from guest writers. This entry is an excellent blog post about surviving abandonment and ending up being the nice guy. I love how the writer, Brandon Leuangpaseuth shares his experiences and sees in the impact it has on adult relationships. Learning how to deal with the nice guy syndrome is very important, and I’ve also had to do that in my own life.
  • Twitter: @BeyondYourPast

6 Big Problems with People-Pleasing

  • Blog: Live Well With Sharon Martin
  • This has been something I have struggled with for some time and I love your blog post. Lately though, I’ve really been working on it and moving past it, giving up and letting go of those that just want everything. I am finding that if I deplete myself in order to be there for them, it doesn’t do much good for me long term. It is a process of growth through all the stuff that was taught to me as a kid. A continuing journey. I’ll make sure I check back often as this is one of my favorite January 2019 blogs I read.
  • Twitter: @SMartinLCSW

Focused Deep Breathing

  • Blog: Robert R. Fike
  • Some good reminders here. Breathing helps and like you show here, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. I’ve found that sometimes just taking 30 seconds to focus on my breath can be so calming and centering. I try to do it often. Excellent blog post here!
  • Twitter: @robfike

Our Child (and our) Mental Health

  • Blog: A Word From Momma Bird
  • Reading about her son (who is sensitive) in how he will bite or hit his arm when things get tough reminded me of what I used to do as a kid. I would look for boards, stick, tools, and rocks or anything I could find and hit myself until the pain got so intense I could no longer feel it. I numbed my body out so much. Of course, no one saw me do this because I would go to the basement or outside. Most likely no one cared anyway if I did this to myself. This was a very good one in the January 2019 blogs I read.
  • Twitter: @wordfromamabird

Singing! How It Helps Heal

  • Blog: LauraCorbeth.com
  • I really like this blog post from my friend, Laura Corbeth. Her voice is beautiful and I didn’t realize she could sing. She is so talented. I really agree with her that music and singing help us heal. It is one of the things that I have used extensively in my own life.
  • Twitter: @LauraCorbeth

Self Love – As I Am, Is, And Will Always Be Enough

  • Blog: Symmetry
  • I completely agree that I love myself enough to be honest about my shortcomings. Without that, I’d not make it as far as I have. When you were talking about the words we say to ourselves, I remember listening to Shaina Noll’s song, “How Could Anyone” with the words that said, how could anyone ever tell you that you were less than beautiful. Those songs help remind me of the good side of all of us deep inside. The words we say to ourselves definitely do matter.
  • Twitter: @breecherie

Unleashing the Power of Potential

  • Blog: JN Coaching Technologies
  • I’ve knocked on deaths door and boy did it reformat my life. It caused me to look at things in a way I had up to that point. Throughout my own healing and growth, I keep standing up to the fears and going through them.
  • Twitter: @jncoachingtech

Hope You Enjoyed The January 2019 Blogs I Read

Hope you enjoyed the January 2019 Blogs I Read edition of this section on my own website. When I find a blog post that I enjoy, I really want to highlight it and pass it on. Feel free to leave a comment if I missed your blog.

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