Intuition In Healing Work


Intuition In Healing Work

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Today we’re going to talk about intuition, and how I use it in the healing work that I do.

First off, let’s make one thing clear: everybody has it… but not everybody trusts it. Intuition is tapping into an information flow that is all around us, if we allow it.

When I would get messages, in the beginning, I didn’t trust them. I’d be guided to put my hands in a certain place, but I wouldn’t do it. When I started to trust it, I would put my hand on a spot where I know there was pain, and the client would wonder how I knew.

One thing that happens to me a lot is I get goosebumps, real strong. I can feel chills up and down my neck and arms. It tells me I’m in the exact moment of doing exactly what I need to be doing. It creates a very powerful session.

Don’t Make This Mistake With Intuition

Should you play psychic? Absolutely not. That’s a huge mistake. That’s the ego, and you’re going to be saying stuff that you shouldn’t be saying. You need to be very careful in what you say. Don’t just blurt things out unless you know the person and are certain that they’re okay with it. You don’t even have to let on that you’re getting a message.

So much can happen when you trust your inner voice and learn to be in your body. When we’re in our heads, thinking about everything, we’re not in touch with our selves. Intuition is being in that quiet place, looking inward, not outward, and getting out of our way.

Once you learn to trust your intuition, it becomes a huge part of healing. When you’re out of the ego, you’re connected with your higher self, or a divine universe.

When that happens, there’s no limit to what you can do..

– Barbara (Insights Into Healing)

(Thanks to Jeff Lemlich for Editorial Assistance)

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