Infection Cleared Naturally – Astonishing


Infection Cleared Naturally – Astonishing

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This is Marie’s account of an infection cleared naturally with her dog.

Three weeks ago my oldest sheltie, Dora, began bleeding during her normal heat cycle. I thought nothing of it but as usual, kept a watchful eye. As the days went on the bleeding increased and I became worried. Usually, normal bleeding subsides as the days go on. This time it was becoming more pronounced.

She looked perfectly normal in every way. She was eating her normal meals, drinking normally, as active as usual, and eliminating on schedule without anything unusual to notice. I continued to watch her carefully. As the days went on, the bleeding increased and I got more worried. I did some research as I was concerned it was pyometra, which is a serious infection of the uterus that sometimes occurs in unspayed females. After reading about the symptoms of pyometra, I became more concerned and I immediately took her to the veterinarian.

Infection Cleared Naturally – Background

The veterinarian did a careful examination and took several tests. It was determined that she had a low-grade infection. We were sent home with antibiotics. As usual, I did my research, took the antibiotics home, and considered the situation very carefully.

Infection Cleared Naturally – What I Did

I read about manuka honey, turmeric and vitamin c used for infections such as these. I also looked up homeopathic remedies and gave her a dose of the recommended remedy immediately.

There is so little intelligent discussion regarding on an infection cleared naturally. It does not matter whether it is homeopathic or another natural alternative, I notice a tremendous amount of fear regarding alternative remedies. One quick look online, ask a question of a doctor, and you will hear all of the reasons alternative remedies do not work. You will hear all of the awful things that can happen if you do not follow the traditional path of treatment. Most people are afraid to try anything new or different. We all want the quick fix that pills promise. We fail to notice all of the side effects that go along with the decision to take a pill.

Infection Cleared Naturally – The Fears

I could feel the fear creeping up in my mind. My mind will play up all of the terrible consequences that could happen if I did not give her the prescribed antibiotics. I told myself over and over that the pills were sitting right there on my counter. If anything…anything at all…changed, I would give them to her immediately.

I have been at this crossroad many times over the years. In my mind, I always feel the fear creep up and hear all of the warnings. Just in case, I brought home the antibiotic. I always did very careful research and cross-checked the information I found. I strongly believe in homeopathic and natural remedies as I have seen what they can do on numerous occasions.

Infection Cleared Naturally – How I Did It?

Watching her very carefully, I gave her a teaspoon of organic manuka honey, a half teaspoon of organic rosehips powder and a half teaspoon of a turmeric golden milk blend with black pepper. This mixture was given to her three times a day. I also gave her d-mannose twice a day in case it was a urinary tract infection.

Dora loved her mixture and gobbled it up every time it was given. I even let her lick the spoon with the leftover honey. She happily obliged!

In two days the bleeding subsided dramatically. I kept a close watch on her and continued the treatment.

Ten days later she was completely cleared up. I continued to give her the mixture twice a day after that and the d-mannose once a day for a full two and a half weeks. She looks great and is all back to normal.

The antibiotic continues to sit in our cabinet as a reminder…of what can happen when human beings learn to think outside of the box.  Once again, I realized that an infection cleared naturally is possible!

– Marie (Natural Healing Gal)

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  • Andrew W 4 years ago

    Hi, I just wanted to add to this –

    We have a 12 year old Chihuahua who has had heart failure and was already a high risk patient. 2.5 weeks ago, we took her in to the vet and they said she had an open Pyometra and said that dogs usually have surgery to remove the uterus. Since she was already a high risk patient due to her heart issues, if they put her under, she might not come back up. So it felt like they were saying, we either need to put her to sleep because she could die from the Pyometra or we need to risk her dying during surgery. On top of that, we really couldn’t afford surgery. I started looking around and not long after, I found this video on YouTube I did some additional research on the Manuka Honey, Turmeric and Vitamin C and saw that it was posted in a few places. There was barely anything on Yun Nan other than the study Dr Jones shared on his video. That being said, for the last 2 weeks, we’ve given her Clavamox, Orbax AND we’ve given her the honey, turmeric, vitamin C and Yun Nan powder. Within the first 3-4 days her energy shot up and she was back to being hyper. After about 7-8 days the discharge stopped. We’re continuing to give the YunNan at least for another week. She’s doing tons better. Thank you for sharing this. We’re still monitoring over the next few weeks to see if she maintains her health but THANK GOD, we were able to get her healthy without needing surgery (thus far). The doctors also recommended potentially giving her hormone injections that would help expel the discharge but I don’t think we’ll be needing that.

    PS If anyone uses this, initially it was hard getting her to take the mixture of ingredients because she hates oral syringes which is how we had to give her the prescription Clavamox and Orbax. We had better success mixing the Manuka (40+ MGO from Whole Foods) , Turmeric, Vitamin C and Yun Nan powder in her food. We started giving her fresh food about 5 months ago which she loves and helped regulate her weight. We mixed those ingredients in with the food 3 times a day for the two weeks. I hope this helps someone as this video helped us.

    Thank you!!