In 2021 – Stop The Obsession


In 2021 – Stop The Obsession

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I hope in 2021, we can begin to dig out of survival mode and stop the obsession I’ve been seeing. At least that’s my hope as I write this blog post, months before 2021 arrives.

If you look around you right now, everyone is obsessed with so many tidbits of the latest flashpoints happening across our country.

I don’t know about the world, but maybe the same thing is going on in other countries. Hopefully, they are a little smarter than we have been in 2020.

I just wish everyone would stop the obsession that takes over our days. That includes the latest thing that someone posted on Twitter or shared on Facebook. It involves the latest viral video nonsense or some sensationalized news story.

Look Around – What Do You See?

If you look around the world you live in, what do you see? Do you see the extent of the obsession? If we want to stop it, we at least have to be aware of it taking place.

Sure, I understand that people need to stay informed and everyone wants to be connected. Yet, what I don’t understand is how that turns into an obsession that is never ending.

There is no balance to life these days, not when we can’t stop the obsession over things that don’t matter as much as we think they do. Again, I’m not saying they don’t matter, just that there is little balance in the things that we do, say, and share online and with others.

Social Media Obsession

For instance, I see many people constantly sharing everything related to politics on social media. They don’t know how to stop the obsession with this, and by doing it, they are causing far too much pain and stress. It doesn’t help anyone when all you see is one repeated political news thread after another on your social feed. I think we can all read the news headlines if we so desire, but far too many don’t know what balance means in life.

Through survival mode, we have become a population that is numbed. We need further stimulation and more sensationalized experiences to feel what is going on around us. It is sad because while everyone acts as if they are aware of this, they are so numb that their ego has clouded their judgment. When we are in survival mode, we can’t easily stop the obsession.

Obsessed With Fluff And Stuff

We’re obsessed with so much that is nothing more than fluff and stuff that we can’t be decent to one another. It seems nearly everyone looks at others as someone they agree with or not. If the person does not agree, they are viewed as the enemy. It permeates every part of our society. I wish we would stop the obsession with all the fluff and stuff in our world so we could at least get back to treating others as human.

You might think my view is a little dim or negative, and that’s fine if you don’t see what I see. I write from my viewpoint of the world, and I try to be aware of what happens behind the scenes, not mesmerized by memes and platitudes.

Forgotten How To Be Authentic

One of the things we have forgotten how to do is be authentic. There are far too many that paint pretty pictures on everything happening in their lives. Sure, I understand that some have significant issues to deal with, but if you only fake it, how will people ever come to know that you are authentic? How can people trust you if you are not able to stop this obsession?

I believe social media has its place, but we’re so far beyond that balance that we can no longer see how much it is hurting each one of us. Trying to get someone to say “hello” at a bare minimum is like asking someone to run a marathon in 10 minutes. I keep trying to reach out to people that I know, and more often than not, I’m met with silence. Is that human? I don’t believe it is.

I Hope In 2021, We Stop The Obsession

I hope that in 2021, we stop the obsession with things that don’t do much good for our world. If you feel you need to engage with these things, by all means continue to do this. However, don’t leave balance behind. Don’t leave your friends behind.

It is time that we become aware of how much we are in survival mode and numbing. It is time that we climb out of this fog and begin to open our eyes. If we don’t, 2021 is going to be as difficult of a year as 2020. I think we’ve got a moment in time where we can either walk forward and discover what matters or we will ultimately be left behind.

Humanity needs us to show up with our “A-game” right now. It requires all-hands-on-deck to confront the challenges we face. If we continue with the practices and behaviors of 2020, we will have failed humanity.

Chart A New Course

It is time that we stop the obsession, wake up, and chart a new course. Will you be someone that embraces what lies ahead, or will you stay in the turmoil of the challenges we saw in 2020?

Let us embrace goodness, kindness, respect, and love for everyone rather than being part of the divisive, disrespectful diatribes spewed at everyone we meet. Our actions speak louder than our words, and may they align with what is truly in our hearts as we put the ego in its place.

Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash

Written 9/13/2020