I Struggle With Anger


I Struggle With Anger

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I struggle with anger is the fourth part of this series.  Previously, part 3 of this series is how anger impacts everyone.  Part 2 of this series was on Learning To Release Anger, and part 1 of the series asked Is Anger Wrong?

I know that I struggle with anger.  I lash out at others, and it hurts them.  Sometimes I don’t even see it, and sometimes it is so subtle that most people would never notice.  It pains me to think of how my anger has affected others because I know that’s not who I am.

While I continue to work on this issue with anger in my own life, I realize that the struggle is more than just thinking positively or thinking differently.  Yes, those are parts of it, but not the whole story.  It would be the same as if you have four tires and try to convince someone that you have a car.


I Struggle With Anger In Real Life

I’m not sharing this as a belief or opinion because it is based on my own experiences and that of others that I know.  For years, I was shamed with anger and even attempting to show it while it was being inflicted upon me.  It is very real in my life, and as a result, I see it in others.  I also see how much everyone hides it even though they are out there proclaiming how much they do not.

We as a human race do need to wake up to how we are harming ourselves and others through anger and the words we say.  We cannot continue to be numb and disconnected yet proclaim we are enlightened and conscious.  It is time we get real with ourselves no matter how uncomfortable that makes each of us feel.

As long as anyone continues to numb and disconnect from it, the anger will continue to have significant impacts on our world and civilization.  We can proclaim all the happy and positive thoughts we want all day long, but until we embrace our vulnerabilities, the words are nothing more than a clanging gong.

For now, I am a work in progress trying to find my way through dealing with anger.  I do not want this in my life, but while I have made progress, I do have a ways to go.  I continue to search and learn and let go.

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