I Forgot To Ask A Question


I Forgot To Ask A Question

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I forgot to ask a question.  Can I Text You?  Is that okay?

Something that seems to be coming up for me a lot lately because I am doing more readings is text messages or emails from clients asking “I forgot to ask a question, is it okay if I text it to you?” I don’t mind answering one quick question if you’ve had a reading lately and the question pertains to something I said in the reading that wasn’t quite clear in the reading. Not an issue at all!

Remember that when I’m in my space for reading, that’s what I’m there to do. I have tuned myself in.  I have done the rituals I do to connect to Spirit and I am in the right headspace to read for you. When you are texting or emailing me your questions and I am out and about in the real world, I’m not really tuned in. I’m usually grocery shopping, working my regular job or spending time with my family. Sometimes I will offer to get back to you when I can or when I next tune in if you forgot to ask a question.

If you forgot to ask a question, I would encourage you to book another session with me. The thing with readings is that I say that I won’t read for you more frequently than every 4-6 months. The reason for that is that you need to allow time for things to change. Energies need to shift and things need to happen. The other reason I do this is that I do not want you to become dependent on me to make your decisions for you. Trust me, I do not want that kind of power or control over your life.

I forgot to ask a question – plan for questions.

The best thing I can suggest to you is to plan your questions for your reading ahead of time. Before your session, take some time to sit down and touch base with your soul.  Consider what it is you’d really like to get out of your session. A lot of times in readings I will ask the client if they have any questions. A lot of times I get the answer that this is all so overwhelming and that they didn’t really think of that ahead of time. They receive a wonderful reading and they go home and think about it and then think, oh no, I didn’t ask about my Uncle Herb, or my job, or my family etc. Maybe I will just text and ask quickly.

I forgot to ask a question – bring it to the next session

One suggestion for this situation to write down this question and bring it to your next session. I am more than happy to help, but I want to give you the best connection to Spirit and your lost loved ones as I can.  It likely isn’t going to be the best it can be when I am walking around the grocery store, or at a kindergarten orientation or in the middle of a busy day at work. Readings can be a draining job and while I would love to help everyone all the time, realistically it’s not possible for me. There is only one me and I am also working on the balance in my own life between my job, my readings and my family. I also have real world bills to pay.

I forgot to ask a question – Connect with at Events

That being said, I am more than happy to read you when I have an available appointment time.  Also, during any of the other special events that I do throughout the year, I am available.  Some of these events include psychic fairs and shop readings which are generally at a lower price. The readings light me up and I am thrilled to be able to connect you with your loved ones.

I forgot to ask a question – Connect with me Online

I also offer some free things over on my Facebook page if you are inclined to check that out. Each day I draw a card which is posted each morning, and once to twice a week I draw three cards and you can pick one. I give the interpretation as well. Every once in a while I also do live card readings over there as well. So these are all things that I choose to put out there for you in terms of daily divination.

Other than that, I am totally happy to see you when I’m in the right frame of mind to read for you!

Until next time keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high!

– Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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