How To Relax – Healthy Relaxation Frequency, Part 6


How To Relax – Healthy Relaxation Frequency, Part 6

How To Relax – Inspiring Relaxation Exercises, Part 7
A Peaceful Place
Finding The Deep Peace Of Relaxation

A healthy relaxation frequency depends upon how much stress you have in your life.

How often should you relax is a question for each person, but in many ways, we don’t spend enough time relaxing. We spend far too much time in stress mode and not enough time in relaxation.

Your relaxation frequency depends on how much stress you have in your life and what you do to relax. Boy, doesn’t that sound like an oversimplified answer? I’m sure there is a platitude or meme that will express it somewhere. Yes, I’m being sarcastic at the moment.

Seriously though, how often you should relax depends upon so many things. We all have different amounts of stress. Our stress levels can change by the day. We’ve all had different experiences in life that impact us in ways that may not necessarily affect others in the same way.

Please don’t think you have no stress because you have a set of religious beliefs or you think stress is weakness. If you think those things, you need to let them go and get real. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I’m tired of seeing people act as if they do certain things, they have no stress.

We all have stress and the emphasis is on ALL of us. If you’re human and alive in this moment, you have stress.

Relaxation frequency should be an important part of your life. If it is not, read the first parts of this blog post to understand the choices you make in embracing relaxation.

Please know and understand that the majority of humans do not have a healthy relaxation frequency. When I’m doing massage and bodywork, I’ve seen this over and over. Everyone likes to think hanging out with the coworkers on a Friday having a drink or watching some TV is all the relaxation they need. Of course, this could not be further from the truth.

So many illnesses come out of stress. Doctors try to tell their patients this, but of course most humans will not listen. They want a pill or a quick fix or cure to take care of the illness, when in all reality it needs to start with relaxation. Humans are a little dense when it comes to this even though they like to proclaim how enlightened or spiritual they are.

There should be time set aside to embrace healthy relaxation frequency in your day. If it is a stressful day, just add more relaxation. You can never have too much, in my view.

A Healthy Relaxation Frequency

I had a job that was so stressful, working in an office in Miami. My coworkers were horrible and the bosses were a nightmare. I badly needed the job for the paycheck, and jobs were not plentiful at the time. Our office building was across the street from a small lake, so I would take my lunch and go out and sit there eating it, enjoying the peacefulness of the water and the sun glistening on it. Sometimes, it just helped make my day bearable by spending those few moments by myself in nature.

Another stressful job I had involved a lot of traveling and extremely long days supporting a project via the phone. Stress was so prevalent, you could barely tell it apart from normal moments. Often when I got a chance, I would walk by the hotel I was staying in or through the downtown area if it was safe. I spent as much time in nature and parks as I could, just to deal with the stress. There were times that I could go to a hydrotherapy spa type of place and that would often help me relax and let go of the stress I was dealing with in the job.

There are times now that I go to the park and just sit there observing, listening to the wind go through the trees and hearing the birds talking to one another. I’ll watch the squirrels run and play and other wildlife scurry around from one place to another. It is amazing what this will do for me.

Another thing I love to do is lie out in my hammock, especially if the neighbors aren’t being noisy or it isn’t extremely hot. Just watching the clouds drift by suspended in the air is the definition of letting go, in my view.

A Part Of Your Life

The bottom line is that healthy relaxation frequency needs to be as much a part of your life as eating or sleeping or working and doing all the tasks that you do in a day. I know that isn’t easy because as a society, there’s far too much of a push to be productive and accomplish more. It is detrimental to us as humans, but we keep doing it anyway.

I struggle with it but I keep trying to make sure I don’t let up my focus on it. After all, if I take care of my mind and body, they will take care of me. There’s enough from my past (see my book Overcoming A Mysterious Condition) that i still struggle with, so it is important for me to relax in a day.

The Choice Is Yours

The choice is yours to make. You can decide to focus on relaxation and selfcare or you can perpetuate a survival vibration in your life that damages and shreds your mind body until it is at the point of no return.

We’re only given one body and far too often we abuse it as if there is another one waiting. This is really sad, especially in the where country I live. We’re doing the opposite of what we need to be doing and while stress is winning, relaxation is being ignored. Be the human that embraces relaxation and acknowledges the role stress plays in your life.

How To Relax Series

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