How To Relax – Easy & Simple Strategies, Part 1


How To Relax – Easy & Simple Strategies, Part 1

Nature Is The Best Relaxation Experience
A Peaceful Place
Is Relaxation Important To You?

At one time I thought I knew how to relax. In fact, you could not have convinced me that I didn’t know.

Even though I worked 15 plus hours a day and barely took a day off during the week, I knew how to relax. I would hang out with some friends, watch a movie, or take a walk once or twice a month.

Isn’t that what relaxation is all about?

Oh, wait, there’s more?

I Didn’t Know How To Relax

The fact was I didn’t know how to relax. As much as I thought I did or wanted to convince myself I did, I knew very little. Most people are in the same boat as me. They will convince you with the right words and occasional actions that they’ve got it figured out. Boy, are they wrong.

You might be in the same boat. You might be thinking that you know how to relax and you do it without issue. Let me pause while I roll my eyes because I was in your shoes at one time.

In those days I worked so hard that I never fully took a break. Yes, I got the occasional week or two of vacation and that’s when I would relax.

Yet, relaxation wasn’t a part of my day or life. It wasn’t something that I focused on because after all, I knew how to relax. I just went through the motions each day and figured at some point, I’d stop and watch a movie or go hang out with some friends. I was riding high on the top of the world.

It Caught Up With Me

Unfortunately, it all caught up with me. I had gone for 26 years of my life thinking everything was fine. I thought I had life under control.

When it happened, I found out I knew very little about how to relax.

If you want to read how my life came crashing down on me, leaving me paralyzed and almost on my last breath, read my book Overcoming A Mysterious Condition.

I Realized I Had No Clue

The thing is, until this moment hit me, I didn’t realize I had no clue how to relax. I really didn’t, and I see this all the time in so many. Our society doesn’t focus on relaxation. We don’t see strength in people that take time out to relax and take care of themselves. Oh, no sirree… we see strength in the ones that push themselves and do little to take care of themselves every day.

If you’re one that thinks you have it all together, this blog post may not convince you that you don’t. Even if you have some things figured out, there’s probably more you don’t realize than you are aware.

Sometimes it takes us getting hit over the head with a 2×4 in life before we wake up. Even those who have been slapped hard still don’t always figure it out. I was one of those. There were so many warning signs and I ignored them all. I didn’t have time to stop and think about how to relax. There was too much too get done and far too many responsibilities.

How To Relax Series

Keep checking back and reading the other parts in this series on relaxation and stress. I will share easy and simple strategies that I hope will help you in your life.

These will be posting weekly, starting now.

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