The Body Remembers Surprisingly So Much


The Body Remembers Surprisingly So Much

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I think sometimes we do not understand how much the body remembers.

My sessions with Dr. Paul Canali, in Miami, were very good . These sessions change things physically in such a quick way. The rash is much improved, and while I still see a few things showing up, I barely notice it now. Most likely it will continue to improve over the new few days.

The allergies were so severe that I could barely breathe. They are a little challenged back home here where pollen is high, but I’ve not needed to take anything for them. I’m able to breathe much better now.

My eyesight was getting very bad before we went making it almost impossible to read anything. Some of that was due to the allergies, but there were other issues. I feel like most of my eyesight is back now. One thing I never lost in the Conversion Disorder was my eyesight, but I know others that have.

Symptoms Reversed

I’ve now had some good nights of sleep which has helped. For weeks, I have struggled to sleep at all at night, and it was wearing on me. That’s all been reversed, and I felt much calmer/less anxiety sleeping last night.

In my final session with Dr. Canali, we didn’t do a lot, but we hit that time of deep peace. I had not reached this point for some time. Thankfully he let me stay in this place for an extended period because I did not want to come out of it. It is hard to describe because it is such a deep peace that happens after you’ve done the hard work. I wish there was more work out there that helped people get this, but it is almost nonexistent even though people think it is there.

My Body In Survival Mode

I love how Dr. Canali can work with anyone where they are at because when I went in there, my body was in survival mode. I didn’t want to be touched, even though I knew he was safe. His patience and knowledge and understanding help to bring me back into my body – the point where healing could take place.

How Much The Body Remembers!

I was surprised at how the trigger that took me down into paralysis was still highly active in me. The minute we touched on the subject, my body went into a defensive posture. It never ceases to amaze me just how much the body remembers. I’m thankful I found Dr. Canali years ago because he’s helped me so much.

Evolutionary Healing Institute

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Paul Canali and the work he does, check his website or Facebook page out. You can also learn more from my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition.

Dr. Paul Canali’s work is one of a kind and I’ve not seen anyone else do what he does. Many will attempt to do parts of it, but the way he understands how the mind and body connect together through trauma is phenomenal.