Homeopathy  – Tapping And Shaking


Homeopathy – Tapping And Shaking

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I am often asked when discussing homeopathy the reason for tapping or shaking a remedy in a water bottle ten times. Some people joke “do I spin around and wave my broom in the air?” Ok, I get it, it seems funny, and any change in a water bottle from tapping it is not visible. Why not shake it? Let’s think about this scientifically.


You can’t see the molecules with the naked eye

Liquids and solids are made up of tiny molecules which are in constant motion. They will move faster or slower depending on the energy involved. If you add sugar to your coffee, you stir it with a spoon or your first sip may not be as sweet as your last. Stirring it with a spoon adds energy to make the molecules move faster, which helps dissolve the sugar.


Jurassic Park Example

I remember a scene from Jurassic Park where the actors are stuck in a jeep waiting for the power to come back on. There is a cup of water sitting on the dashboard of the jeep. Suddenly the camera focuses in on the cup of water, and you see the ripple in the water as they begin to realize T Rex is approaching. As you hear the thump of T Rex’s footsteps, the water ripples more and more. The force of the dinosaurs steps shakes the earth, causing the molecules in the water to move faster.


Heating A Pot Of Water

Consider heating a pot of pure water on a stove. If I apply heat to the pot of water for one minute, energy is added to the water and changes the temperature of the water, but only slightly. If I add heat for 5 minutes, the temperature changes more dramatically.


A Lake Ripple Effect

Look at a lake on a very quiet and still day. The water has little movement. Drop a stone into it, and you will see a ripple effect that spreads out from where the stone landed in the water. Watch it as the wind picks up, you will see the water move more.  You might even see some agitation on the surface of the water. As the wind picks up, you will see some waves.

Each of these is an example of applying force, vibration or energy to a liquid which causes the molecules to move faster and changes the mixture or solution in different ways.



Classical Homeopathy secrets

In classical homeopathy, dropping a pellet in four ounces of water makes a solution that you can use quite a few times. Adding energy to the water by tapping can change the vibration of the solution which in turn, changes the properties of the solution. I usually tell people to tap it ten times because it gives a good “middle of the road” number to follow. Each tap increases the depth of the remedy. Tap it only twice for someone who is very sensitive. Tap it fifteen times, and you will add more energy to make the remedy act much deeper on the body. Each tap adds more energy and causes the molecules to move faster, changing the solution more dramatically.


Shaking or Tapping

Shaking the bottle is fine, and will add energy just as well. The difference is that shaking it is more difficult to control the amount of energy added. Do you shake it for ten seconds, twenty seconds or more? Tapping the bottle just gives a better measure of how much energy you are adding, which gives you more control in a sensitive individual.


Dissolving In Water

Dr. Luc says ” When you buy a little tube in the store with 80 pellets, the label says to take three pellets 3 to 5 times a day under the tongue…But it will work much better and much faster for acute problems if you take one pellet and dissolve it in 4 to 8 ounces of water.

Take one teaspoon as needed.  Take it often as every 20 to 30 minutes in acute cases such as high fevers and accidents. If you need the remedy again the next day, make another cup.

If after 2-3 doses you are not experiencing any change, you can put a couple of pellets in 8 oz of water (put in a water bottle with some room at the top), pound it several times and take one teaspoon directly from the bottle. Putting it in water makes it reach more nerve endings. As soon as it touches the mucous membranes, it starts to work.”



Shake it or tap it?

I don’t follow the directions usually on the bottle of pellets, and I don’t take them dry unless there is no water available. I have found that making remedies up in water and tapping it in my palm in this manner makes the remedy in homeopathy the most effective.

Shake it or tap it? It is your choice. Just be sure to add your pellets to water for more effectiveness!

So, now you’ll know what shaking and tapping are about in homeopathy!

– Marie (Natural Healing Gal)







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