Holden On at SF IndieFest


Holden On at SF IndieFest

Conquering My Suicide Struggle
I Struggle With Anger
Finding The Way Out Of The Cave

Holden On at SF IndieFest in San Francisco is coming Feb 4 and Feb 6 at the SF Indie Fest!  If you live close or know anyone that does, make sure you head on over there to see it.  You will be glad you did.

Holden On at SF IndieFest is a movie designed to start a discussion, as it tells a story of mental health illness.  I had the privilege to see it in Orlando last October and it was one that impacted my life in many ways.   It was one of those chance moments that I encountered.  I really had not planned which movies I would see, but this one just happened and I’m glad it did.

Mental health and mental illness are major issues we face in the world today.  All too often people who are going through these things think they are alone.  Resources and support feel like they are a million miles away.  This movie is the starting point for a major discussion and show of support for all those impacted by mental illness.  Sometimes just knowing we are not alone means the world to someone who desperately needs to know this.

If you haven’t read the interview about this wonderful movie, Holden On, then make your way there now to read it.  Tamlin Hall, the producer of this movie, sat down and spent some time answering our questions.  To see the interview, check out The Mental Health Secret Of Holden On.

Here’s a brand new short trailer on the movie, or you can watch the original trailer.

If you know anyone that is dealing with mental health issues, this movie is a must see!  Spread the word, pass it on and let people know to go check it out!

I wish I lived closer to this one because I would definitely be there myself!

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Holden On at SF IndieFest