Helping Prevent Suicide


Helping Prevent Suicide

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Today we’re highlighting a webinar that is now available on YouTube. This is a phone interview Don Shetterly and Jeff Lemlich did with me, about my son Tommy who committed suicide on November 8, 2012. The subject of this webinar is helping to prevent suicide.

I know it is a tough subject but this webinar was not intended to make it more difficult. In fact, our sole purpose was to talk about how it impacts the lives of everyone who knows the person, and how to find some healing from it.

While we do discuss the story and moments leading up to the horrible event that took place, the bulk of this video is about moving forward. Although it was devastating, not talking about what happened would make the rest of the webinar seem unbalanced.

Talking about suicide is not easy, whether you have tried to do it yourself or are the family member left behind. As you’ll see in this webinar, it is heartbreaking for all involved. We all want to talk about helping to stop suicide, but it is too easy for it to be nothing more than sharing a tweet or thought. While those can be helpful, preventing suicide takes much more action than a like and a share.

Suicide hurts everyone and it hurts anyone that knows you. It is not just something that only takes your life. While it may be easy to feel at that moment that we are all alone, it is then we need to find every ounce of strength we can to see that this is not true.

Furthermore, suicide happens in an instant, and it destroys the lives of everyone left behind. Reach out to whomever you can because it can take you down.

There is far too much judgment in our society. It does not fix the problem as it only covers it up for a minute. We have to work with the reason why and support the person with love.

Often in suicide, it is not about the words spoken, but the compassion and understanding that comes from the heart. When someone knows that you really care, it makes all the difference in this world.

Listen to the webinar, as this is being told from my journey as a mom who lost her son to suicide, and how I found my way back into life.

Finally, may you discover great insights into healing.

– Barbara (Insights Into Healing)

YouTube Webinar On Suicide

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