Defying Health Issues


Defying Health Issues

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When we experience health issues, we think that there is no hope.  We look at our body and our mind wondering exactly what will make it better, if anything will.

We don’t want to believe or accept that we can do anything to alter the course of what is happening to us.  In fact, it may seem inconceivable that we have any impact at all on the current health of our body.

Society and Family Teachings

Society and families teach us that we don’t have the power to heal much in our lives.  We have learned to give this power over to others and negate what is within us.  No one has modeled anything different.

Yes, some have alternative thoughts on healing, but far too many times, the power is given over to some substance or thought process or procedure.  It is given over to another individual that seems to have all the answers. 

We try to bend the mind to a thought field that says we can think ourselves healthy.  No, I’m not saying that thoughts don’t play a major starring role in our healing, but it is often the stopping point, not the launching point.

Others will roll their eyes at a person for daring to suggest that anything can be done to improve the health issues in their life.  They’ve seen that no matter what, others in their lives have struggled and so this is what is learned.  It becomes the norm when it is anything but being human in a human body.

Power Within The Mind Body

Many will skip the power they hold within their mind body and claim some outside force is the only thing that heals.  Unfortunately, you see far too often that these outside forces don’t always produce the healing results that many claim.  No, I’m not saying that an outside force cannot have a major impact on healing for they can. 

As I wrote in my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, about my own health issues, one lady pushed some advice on me. She told me I didn’t need psychiatrists and other doctors to heal me.  I just needed to pray about it.  To her, this sounded like the advice to push on others.  Unfortunately, it was misguided advice.  When I asked her if she broke her arm, would she just pray about it or go to a doctor.  The response was a huff of anger and silence. 

The part that everyone misses in the mind body connection and healing is the body.  We’re good at stating our memes and positive statements.  We’re good at portraying to the world that we are happy and all is okay while we are suffering miserably inside and in silence.

Health Issues Get Our Attention.

We claim we know what the mind body is, but 99% of the human population does not understand how to connect with their body.  No, it isn’t only a moment of relaxation that people claim is energy.  It isn’t just a moment of thinking you connect with the body.  No, it is not a point where you do some bodywork and claim you are connected to your body and your mind.

The body is the part we don’t go into enough because it is frightening.  When we start to feel and sense what is going on without interpretation, there is pain and fear and all kinds of information pieces that appear.  Many of the things we feel coming up are uncomfortable.  Many of them frighten us and shut us down. 

Few know how to work with it and guide someone through the observation and practice of going into these things. Very few know what to do when we face health issues.

So, instead of truly getting to the point where we feel and connect with the body, we stay on the outer edges.  We avoid and disconnect and numb.  Yes, we may have us and the world convinced we don’t do this, but often we are fooling ourselves.

Before you say you don’t do this, all humans do it.  It doesn’t matter how enlightened you are or what you have done, we all numb and avoid and disconnect.  If we didn’t, life would be too much, and our nervous systems could not handle it.

Beyond Human Nature

When we face health issues, and we see there is no way out, it isn’t because we’ve exhausted all options.  In fact, it is more likely that we are avoiding and numbing and disconnecting to the truth we cannot see. We are missing that which we need to see.  Generally, the truth is beyond the pain and to arrive at the truth, you need to feel the pain.  You need to go into the pain, not avoid or numb it.

I am not speaking from some thought process or generality.  I am stating this from personal experience in my own health issues, the lessons taught to me firsthand over and over again. There is no doubt in my mind of that which I share here and I know it is not the normal conventional wisdom of our health and healing.

While I know many will shun and discount what I’m saying, it does not deter me because this is the truth I’ve seen heal my own body and many others. There are many that will twist and contort these things into their own idea of truth. Often the body is the missing part in the mind body connection.

Health Issues Beliefs

We can continue to go through life holding on to our beliefs about health and healing.   This is our choice.  We can also begin to shed what we know and see if there is something we don’t yet understand.  This often requires us going into the pain and feeling all that is there that we cannot identify at this moment. Health issues are trying to show us something and if we truly go into them, we’ll see more than we are aware of at this moment.

It is up to each one of us, but when we only focus on what we know or what we’ve been taught, we limit the mind body connection.  We limit our healing.  When we fail to go in and feel what lies beneath the experience we are having, we’re missing the most important aspect that can transform us.  When we fail to go into the pain, as hard as that may get, we’re putting limits on what we can heal.