Heartwarming Healing Words After School Stabbing


Heartwarming Healing Words After School Stabbing

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His healing words resonated with me. On that teacher-in-service day at Southwood Middle School, I heard Dr. Paul Canali speak for the first time.

I was there doing chair massage with other massage therapists, helping the school staff deal with the aftermath of a school stabbing. Back in 2004, a middle school student fatally stabbed a classmate.

Southwood Middle School

When I walked into the school, I could still feel the energy of the stabbing. It was an eerie feeling that I’ll never forget. No one really said much about it, but you could tell what was on everyone’s mind.

Teen Slain At Middle School (Sun-Sentinel) – Feb 4, 2004

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Dr. Canali’s healing words captivated the room. As I finished up working on people with chair massage, I slipped into the main lecture room where Dr. Canali was talking about trauma, child abuse, depression, and anxiety. I’m sure there was more than he shared, but I was stunned as I listened to him.

His Healing Words Resonated

I had never heard someone talk in the same way that he did. Yes, I had been through years of therapy and counseling since going through conversion disorder in 1991. No one talked about the concepts in the way that he did.

While I didn’t understand all of it completely, I knew without a doubt that he was speaking a language my body understood. I’ve yet to find anyone that does the same. His healing words resonated with me.

Dr. Canali’s words were comforting and hopeful. They fit the situation, but they offered so much more in the broader scheme of life.

Major Transformation In My Life

This was the beginning of a major transformation in my life that would take me into places I never expected to travel.

Those healing words he spoke that day would be the beginning of a new chapter. It would become a starting point of learning that would lead me to write my latest book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition. In fact, Dr. Paul Canali wrote the foreword for it.

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More importantly, I found freedom in the healing words he spoke that day. Yes, I was ready to hear and listen. Often times, so many aren’t, and that is the saddest thing I know. We may be struggling, but until we are ready to hear what it is that we need to do, the struggle continues.

When you’ve been dealt so many horrible experiences in life, it feels like there is no hope. It is hard to believe that you can come through it and heal and reclaim your life.

Mind Body Healing

Before I met Dr. Canali, I thought I had healed so much of my life, and I had. However, I soon learned when going into the physical side of the mind body connection, there is so much more left to discover.

The more I found this, the more freedom in life I found. I was able to see how much power I had within me to affect change and live a life different than what I knew.

The Healing Path The Healing Words Started Me On

I’ll never forget Southwood Middle School. I’ll never forget the path it started me on to find my way towards a different process than I realized was possible. His healing words resonated with me that day after a tragedy.

If we think we’ve found all that we need to know about our healing in life, we’re standing still. Healing isn’t about arriving at a concept or a point in life where we exclaim all is well.

Healing is about going in and continuing to discover every part of ourselves that gives us greater awareness and freedom in life.

Featured Speaker, Dr. Paul Canali at Southwood Middle School

Dr Canali's Healing Words