Healing Takes Time


Healing Takes Time

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If you’ve been through hell in your life, the last thing you probably want to hear is that healing takes time.  I know when I was in the midst of my initial moments of healing, that I just wanted it over.  I didn’t want to go another day dealing with it.

One of the things we do try to heal our lives at a breakneck speed.  We work day and night tirelessly trying to find the right angle and answer through our situation.  We don’t rest, and often we exhaust ourselves.  In many ways, we push ourselves beyond our limits.

Compound Our Problems

However, healing takes time.  If we try to rush it, we’ll only compound our problems.  If we try to push it, we’ll encounter resistance that can springboard us backward. In attempting to heal all at one time, we limit our options of what we see.  We limit what we learn.

Happened Over Time

Most of the time, the traumatic experiences we went through did not occur overnight.  They happened over an extended period of time.  Even if the traumatic incident occurred suddenly, time becomes frozen in moments like this.  It becomes the same as if it occurred for years.

So to expect ourselves to heal in one quick moment is asking for people to leap from the earth to the moon in one giant step.  While I would not completely rule that out, the odds of it happening are slim.  If we are traveling to the moon, we need to build a rocket, put on our spaceship and train for the perils and challenges of flight.  It does not happen over time.

Learn The Deeper Lessons

If we allow ourselves to be open that healing takes time, we’ll go much further and far faster than if we do not.  By slowing down and taking healing one moment at a time, we give ourselves the ability to see deeper into what is around us.  There’s a good chance we would miss these things if we tried to take it too quickly.

By recognizing that healing takes time, we learn the lessons that we need to understand.  Without these lessons, we may be building our life’s foundation upon sand surrounded by crashing waves.  It will not hold up over time.  Taking healing slower is critical in developing good foundations that help us move beyond the horrible moments we are dealing with in life.

Need Rest To Heal

When we allow our awareness to understand that healing takes time, it is then that we give ourselves the rest we so badly deserve.  We need that rest to confront the challenges we face in these difficult moments.  It is tiring for our mind and our body to go through healing, so if we deplete ourselves by trying to do it quickly, we will crumble from the challenge.

I find in my own life that when I step back and allow the healing to happen, that’s when I made the most progress.  When I pushed to get through the rough moments as quickly as I could, I found that this was the most detrimental.  It ended up holding me back and making things more difficult.  The more I could let go and realize that healing takes time, the faster I went in my healing.

Healing Takes Time

Make sure you give yourself a break and allow yourself the time to heal.  You deserve it, and you need the time.  You need the deeper lessons to keep moving forward in your healing.