The Healing Struggle Can Be Difficult


The Healing Struggle Can Be Difficult

Even as difficult as the path may seem in this moment, I can tell you that it is possible to go beyond your current moment.

How Did I Heal?
Unforgettable Healing Steps
Deep Healing Is Hard Work

The healing struggle can often be hard work. It isn’t easy most of the time and sometimes it is not pretty.

I’ve been through more than my share of difficult experiences in life. The healing struggle is very real to me. In my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, I share not only my journey but what I did to get through it.

Hopefully the concepts that I share from my life will help others and resonate with them. I cannot speak for everyone about the healing struggle and how it has impacted their life, but I know what it means for mine.

I remember being in the middle of the nightmares, the memories, and the depression, anxiety, and despair. There were the days when I was too afraid to go outside and when life didn’t seem to matter enough for me to go on another day.

The Healing Struggle Tried To Break Me

The healing struggle kept me from so much joy. It tried to break me down in a million ways. It almost left me for dead along the side of life’s road.

I lost so much during this time and wondered in those moments if I would ever get my life back. Would I even recognize my life, I wondered? There was nothing about it that was easy.

The healing struggle climb

If I would have given up, I’m sure many people might have understood, while others would have been perplexed. Somehow, I managed to keep going. I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

In high school, our class motto was “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” How true this was, and yet at that point in my life, I had no comprehension of the journey I would be travelling.

For me, the healing struggle was beyond what I thought was possible. It has taken a lifetime journey to get to the point that I did. Many did not believe I would make it this far and yet, I did.

My healing struggle has taught me a lot about things I never was aware of, and yes, some days along the way I wondered if I could make it. There were many on my path who helped illuminate their flashlights and candles for me. I am forever in debt to them. I can only give back to them by paying it forward. Shining my own flashlight on the path so they can see more clearly.

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

In my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, I have attempted not only to share my journey, but also show the steps along the way. I want others to see what I used to help myself along this difficult path. I hope that it resonates with many others in this world. Likewise, I hope that it offers another piece in the puzzle of their journey.

Together we are stronger, and together we can find our way through the healing struggle. Even as difficult as the path may seem right now, I can tell you that it is possible to go beyond your current moment. Though it may not seem like it and it may feel like too much for you in this moment, keep going.

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