Unforgettable Healing Steps


Unforgettable Healing Steps

Whatever you do in your path, remember that the healing steps are sometimes unseen, but they are there. Don't forget that and try to identify them as you go.

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Sometimes healing steps seem more like a fantasy than reality. If you’re in the beginning stages of healing, you often wonder if you will make it through everything you are facing.

If you haven’t even started the process, sometimes the thought of healing is about as far away as you can see. At that point, you might not even think healing is even a possibility.

I know that in the early days for me, healing steps felt like something that just happened. There was no way I could even describe them as a step toward anything. Sometimes it felt more like clunky stumbles on the sidewalk rather than anything good.

Three Forward, Two Back, One Step Ahead

Many times, it would feel like I would get moments where I took three steps forward. Other times, I felt like I would fall backwards a couple of steps. The one thing I came to realize is when I took three steps forward and two steps backward, I was still one step ahead!

It is so difficult when we’re in the midst of coming to terms with childhood sexual abuse or other trauma. There’s no easy way through it and often it gets very painful confronting any of it. It requires great courage to face the big monster before us.

3 steps forward 2 steps backward 1 step ahead

Healing steps are often there even though we don’t see them. They come in all shapes and sizes. Often we have supportive people walking alongside of us who just seem like nothing more than friends.

When we’re trying to heal our life, it is in the little steps that we make bigger steps. No matter how insignificant we think they are, combined together they put us further along the path.

All of us go at different paces. Sometimes what seems slow to others is us running at breakneck speed. When I hear people act as if healing is a “quick” and “easy” thing to do, I cry tears of pain. Healing steps are not easy moments and they often come with great struggle.

One of the things that I did many years ago was creating a “poster board of healing” which helped me to see things more clearly. I found in the early days that it didn’t feel like I was making progress, even though I was.

Poster Board Of Healing

If you look at page 35 of my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, you’ll see an example of how I did my poster board. The whole intent was to keep myself looking forward and giving me a way to visually see just how much progress I was making.

poster board of healing

This helped me so much in seeing the healing steps that I was taking. The more I could see them, the more courage it gave me to keep going. Sure, I still struggled, but in those days, I needed every ounce of strength I could get.

Whatever you do on your path, remember that the healing steps are sometimes unseen, but they are there. Don’t forget that, and try to identify them as you go. The more you can see them, the more they will give you strength and courage to travel to the next place on your journey.

Healing Steps Give You Strength

Little steps become bigger steps. Bigger steps take us to places we do not know at this moment. If we keep going, we’ll be able to look back and see them. We will see how the little healing steps took us so much further than we thought was possible.

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