Breaking Your Healing Shortcuts


Breaking Your Healing Shortcuts

Breaking Your Healing Paradigm
Do Past Experiences Create Physical Pain?
The Mind Body Healing Journey

Healing shortcuts seem to be what many are seeking these days. I see so often that people want to know how to heal their lives, but then they find a way to discount everything taught that will help.

It is one of the reasons that I wrote in my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, about the concept of having to give up all you know to find out what truly matters. It is the only way I found healing and was able to walk again, not suffering seizures and pain every day of my life.

Many people will agree that you have to step outside of your healing comfort zone, yet it becomes nothing more than words. I fully know and understand that because I used to do it.

There are far too many people that engage in healing shortcuts which ultimately don’t get you anywhere in your healing journey. I know many could argue with me all day and there may be truth in what they are saying and what I’m saying. However, all too often healing goes in a circle, never breaking free from it.

I Thought I Was Taking Care Of Myself.

Before I was paralyzed, no one could tell me I wasn’t taking care of myself. No one could convince me that I was not relaxing and having fun. There was nothing that could help me understand what I was doing to myself and what I had been doing for years.

I thought I knew it all and had life under control. Yet, my life had been on a path that would bring me crashing down because I thought I had the answers. I thought I knew it all about my life.

Our awareness and consciousness are often overshadowed by the ego, even as we proclaim all the healing concepts we know. Too much is regurgitated at will without truly knowing what it means to experience it. There are too many healing shortcuts promoted and shared as the truth.

Understanding The Mind Body Connection

Even after I came through the hospital, I really had no clue how to heal my life. There was no roadmap and there was no social media or Google to search what to do. I had to find and discover those things that truly made a difference in my healing. It wasn’t about a one-time event, but something that would physically change my life from the inside out and impact the mind body connection.

I knew nothing about the mind body connection at the time, but I kept taking steps on my journey. Little things showed up to help me learn and discover more. I was careful not to latch on to those things as the ultimate truth, but as one more building block in the puzzle. There were things that showed up and didn’t make sense, but they felt connected. I kept walking my journey through all of this regardless if it made sense or not.

I Began To Know And Understand

Then, when I finally met Dr. Paul Canali, that is when things became much clearer than I knew until that point. The concepts he taught were essential for me and important to my path. None of these things were healing shortcuts. There was real physical change I could notice from the first session.

Some of his concepts didn’t align in my mind at the time and they confused me. He kept teaching and helping me to understand. The concepts helped lay the foundation for what would happen in the sessions. The more I learned, the more it helped me. I realized how much I did not know after thinking how much I had learned through the years.

Healing Shortcuts Only Take Us So Far

Healing shortcuts only take us so far. Yes, we might feel an emotional release but unless the rest of the equation is there, it will be short-lived. Until we understand healing, there will be little physical change in the body, including pain reduction, less muscle tension, better sleep, and overall less anxiety and depression.

Without these physical changes, healing is superficial. It needs to go deep so it can truly change your life. I know many will agree with that, but few have experienced what I’m referencing. Until you’ve gone through it, it is hard to know exactly what I’m saying.

With what I’ve learned through Dr. Paul Canali (a pioneer in trauma healing), I’ve seen physical situations I’m struggling with change in a session. Maybe they weren’t 100% resolved, but they changed drastically. From allergies and rashes to migraine headaches, stomach problems, back pain, neck pain and many more, I had real physical changes through the work and concepts I’ve learned with Dr. Canali.

I know that we often want healing to happen now, so when people offer up healing shortcuts, we jump as if they are the saving grace of our existence. This is so not the case.

Healing Is More Than An Endpoint

In fact, I’ve found and discovered now that healing isn’t an endpoint. It is about the journey of discovery and going further into all that I can be.

I remember asking Dr. Canali when I would be healed. Now I chuckle at that thought because it is not my goal and intent. My focus is on how far can I go into discovering and claiming all that I am deep inside of my mind and body. How far down the rabbit hole can I go?

When I focus on healing this way, rather than looking for healing shortcuts, it is then that I find there is so much more possible than I ever realized or imagined. I do not see my health or mental health in the same way anymore. It is a completely different concept to me.

Healing Shortcuts Limit Possibility

Yes, it does require courage and determination to walk this journey. It is not easy and many that start out give up.

I can tell you from what I’ve experienced and what others have gone through, the healing shortcuts limit you and hold you back. They aren’t the real deal and there is so much more out there beyond what you currently know and understand.