Healing Insecurity Is Not Easy


Healing Insecurity Is Not Easy

Healing insecurity meant that I needed to take a big leap with courage even if my legs were trembling and shaking in the process.

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One of the biggest obstacles I have faced is that of healing insecurity. I’ll never forget the early moments of becoming paralyzed and just how much my world had been shaken.

When you go from walking and moving around normally to all of a sudden not being able to stand up, it shakes your life to the core. Insecurity is at an all-time high, because you come to think that your life as you knew it had ended.


Healing insecurity was at the forefront of what I needed to do in order to once again walk. I remember a therapist telling me that she wished she could give me a shot of self confidence. In all reality, she was correct. My muscles could move, but I didn’t believe they could.

In addition to overcoming a mysterious condition, I’ve had to go in and deal with insecurity. Whether speaking in front of people or taking on tasks I was qualified to do, I had little self confidence.

Take a big leap of courage

Healing insecurity meant that I needed to take a big leap with courage even if my legs were trembling and shaking in the process. There were moments in my healing from childhood sexual abuse that I wondered if I could make it through what I was facing.

At times the pain was so great that it didn’t matter if I could find an extra ounce of self confidence. My insecurity told me that there was no way I was going to make it. Fears in my life saw to it that I didn’t believe the potential I had within me.

Insecurity has permeated every aspect of my life, from relationships to jobs to common repairs around the house. I’ll never forget the time that I needed to work on a pool repair at our house, but the fear almost kept me from doing it.

My Lessons In Healing Insecurity

  • I had to forgive myself and accept that this was a bumpy ride at times. If I demanded perfection, I would fail before I started. Learning to give myself a chance was a big leap forward for me.
  • Even though the fears would scream loudly, I had to learn that they were noisy symbols playing out of turn. I did my best to silence them as I kept walking. Yes, they sometimes stopped me in my tracks, but once I’d gain enough strength, I would start to take another step.
  • Healing insecurity in my own life meant that I had to step outside of my current beliefs and thoughts. No longer could I hold on to what I thought was the truth for my life. I had to re-evaluate it from every aspect and discard that which no longer served me.
  • One thing that was very important for me in healing insecurity was realizing that some days I took three steps forward and other days I took two steps back. However, the sum total of those steps put me one step ahead at that moment. Sometimes I needed those steps backwards to reposition myself for a much better climb.
  • Another main point in dealing with insecurity was that I had to realize what role I played in this process. It was so easy not to be aware of what transpired while almost convincing myself that there was no way through the moment. I had to come to terms with what I allowed myself to see versus what was present.

Give Yourself A Break

Healing insecurity is not easy. It can be a treacherous road. At times, I still struggle hard with it. It impacts my relationships with those close to me. It often tricks me into thinking I cannot do something, as the fear stops me before I start.

I’m getting much better with it these days but there is still room for considerable growth. Make sure you give yourself a break in life like I have had to do. Otherwise, you will exhaust yourself with fear, anxiety, and despair.

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