Healing Ice Bath For The Rash


Healing Ice Bath For The Rash

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Recently, I’ve been struggling with a severe rash.  This time I tried something different.  I used a healing ice bath for the rash.  Now, it wasn’t my first idea, but if you read the blog post on May 4, 2018, Cold Water Baths, you will know this is not new to me.

As the rash picked up in intensity, I found that very little was working.  It was so bad that I could barely walk or sit because of the location on my body.  When I’ve experienced these rashes, the fears magnify many times.  I’m left exhausted because they zap my energy. Generally, during these times, I don’t get a good night of sleep.

Dr. Paul Canali with Evolutionary Healing Institute suggested that I try a healing ice bath for the rash.  His theory evolved around the concept that I had too much fire energy in my body.  Fire energy is caused by overwhelming stress, triggers, trauma, and memory in the body.  It is too much for the system to handle.  One way to deal with the fire energy is to be able to dissipate it.

Here’s how I used the healing ice bath for the rash and made it work at home.

Step 1

I filled my bathtub up with cold water and added approximately 20 pounds of ice to it.  I wanted to get it very cold.  Because the fears were coming up to do this, I began to prepare myself for the process mentally.  I told myself that it would not be a long time in the ice. 

Also, I knew that I could stop it at any time and I wasn’t going to die from the cold water.  I also knew that I was going to refill the bathtub with warm water after this, so I had something to look forward to after the ice.  The key in all of this is to plan and make sure you are prepared so that you can do everything without too much thought.

Step 2

In addition to the healing ice bath, I had some Holosync music playing the bathroom.  I did not stay too long in the cold water and planned it this way.  If my body started to feel numb from the cold, I was prepared to exit the water.  In this case, though, I employed another technique that helped me go further with this.  If you have never heard of Wim Hof or the Iceman, check this video out where he explains what he does.  He has been on TV in a tub of ice water, and with breathing, he can melt the ice while staying warm.

In my version, I used the breathing as I had been taught by Jeff Primack at a QiGong conference.  It helped me focused.  Also, it helped me from feeling overwhelmed by the fear of the healing ice bath.  It was difficult to crawl into the healing ice bath, but the breathing helped me move past the fear.  I was surprised at how long I could stay in the cold water with the help of the breathing.

Step 3

Allow your body time to experience this healing ice bath process.  You may find that your body starts to shake.  There may be emotions and crying that appears.  I ended up screaming into my hands which at the time just seemed to be a reasonable reaction.  As I went through the process, I noticed my legs and the pelvic area started to shake.  No, it wasn’t from the cold water as much as it was my autonomic nervous system re-balancing.

As I felt my feet start to get a little numb and tingly, I began to drain the water and step out of it.  Quickly grabbing a towel to keep myself from getting too cold, I started to fill the bathtub back up with hot water.  I wanted to give my body something rewarding after pushing through the fears of the ice water.

Step 4

Once I had the bathtub filled up with warm water, I added about 1/3 cup of oatmeal powder.  I ground oatmeal up in my NutriBullet to a fine powder for this purpose.  There is something about oatmeal that is so soothing to a rash.  Most over the counter products do not work, and that includes essential oils and other alternative remedies.  The oatmeal is soothing on the rash, and it is my go-t0-product.

Next, I just allowed myself to soak in the warm water.  It is important to note that when you have a rash, try not to get the water too hot.  Hot may feel soothing, but I’ve found that it can irritate the rash more.  So, go easy on the water temperature.  Make it warm enough to be comfortable, but not too hot.

In this case, I just allowed myself to relax, and I think I zoned out for some time.  I’m not sure for how long because I did not time it.

Once you’re done, you’ll want to make sure you rinse your tub and yourself, so the oatmeal doesn’t dry and stick.  Following it up with a warm shower feels good.

Healing Ice Bath For The Rash Results

When I got done, I felt so relaxed from this and could feel a significant shift in my energy and my body.   I noticed that the rash had calmed down and overall my body felt much more at ease.  I did not see the difference until the next morning.  At that point, I realized the irritation, itching, and pain from the rash had subsided so much.  I noticed that it looked much better than it had for days.

Since I did this, I’ve gotten back to normal where I could wear clothes without them irritating the rash.  I could walk and sit without anything causing pain or irritation.  The healing ice bath worked well and helped give me some serious relief from what I was experiencing.

Even though I know about alternative healing and hydrotherapy, this experience opened my eyes.  The breathing method I used in this was a significant part of the success.

No, it isn’t easy getting in a healing ice bath, but the rewards outweighed the fears.  This process helps connect the mind and body back together while relieving stress.  It helps get rid of the fire energy that is in excess.  Also, it helps balance the autonomic nervous system for optimal health.

Also, you may want to check out the blog post I wrote on Cold Water Baths and a more recent blog post on “Stuck In Healing.”

Things Needed To Do This

  1. Review and learn the Wim Hof Breathing Technique.
  2. Get some bath towels together.
  3. Have some relaxing music or Holosync playing.
  4. Get your ice together and have it ready.
  5. Prepare your oatmeal powder with the NutriBullet and put it in a ziplock bag.