Harmful Happy Thoughts


Harmful Happy Thoughts

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Is there such a thing as harmful happy thoughts? Sometimes I see things posted and it really makes me scream!  Maybe we think we are helping, but without being aware and conscious, we can truly hurt others.

When I had come out of the hospital from the experience of a conversion disorder, I had a moment of harmful happy thoughts.  As I write in my new book, one lady said I didn’t need doctors but I should just pray about it.

In another instance of harmful happy thoughts, someone told me I should recite the serenity prayer and learn not to worry.  Unfortunately, no one helped me address the monster in the bedroom.

All too often we are unconscious with the words and advice we share.  In what I saw posted today, I cringed.  In the post, it said,

“You cannot suffer the past or future because they do not exist.  What you are suffering is your memory and imagination.  You can change those.”

Unfortunately, this is a load of garbage.  The past does exist in your cells and neuropathways of your brain.  To think or say or suggest that they do not is a complete lack of consciousness.  Yes, I know it makes us all feel warm and fuzzy, but it is not helpful!  Let me repeat that in case it wasn’t clear.  It is not helpful!

Yes, I realize my comments are probably not bringing out the warm and fuzzy feeling we all love.  However, we’re so lost in our society with unconscious thoughts and actions.  Awareness is an afterthought at best.  Yet, it doesn’t stop us from spewing our harmful happy thoughts.  We leave the damaged bodies in our rearview mirror.

Yes, I know those happy thoughts can be good.

Yes, I know those happy thoughts can be good.  We all need positive reinforcement and sometimes those happy thoughts give us a lifeline.  The only thing is that if we do these in an unconscious state, they are nothing but mere words.  When someone is going through emotional pain, we need authenticity.  A bunch of words will not give us the support we need longterm.

It does require that each of us wake up in life, rather than living an unconscious life.  I know that this is hard to do and is asking a lot, but right now humanity is failing the world.

To me, harmful happy thoughts are like a glass of water that we give to someone as if it is the only nutritious meal we need for our day.  Yes, the water is needed by us, but when we lead someone to believe it is a nutritious meal, we’re not helping them.  We need to be authentic and call it a glass of water, but stop calling something it is not.

Be Authentic, Not Unconscious

If you are authentic and real, people will know.  It isn’t something you need to convince anyone of because it will be automatically realized.  When we are out there claiming we know all in life with our harmful happy thoughts, we are inflicting so much pain on others.  They are searching and instead of them finding a morsel of truth, they get sidetracked by our unconscious statements.

In the case of emotional pain, our memory can only be changed when we go into the depths of the mind and body.  When we release all that we hold within us deep in our cells, that’s when we can give our neural pathways new information.  Trying to reprogram the brain only with harmful happy thoughts is one of the most damaging things we can do in our healing journey.

Say NO to Harmful Happy Thoughts.

Say YES to Conscious Thoughts.