Guest Writer

Guest Writer

If you are someone that supports and helps advance the Mind Body Connection and or healing in the area of trauma, child abuse, anxiety, and depression, we may have a spot for you. A guest writer is something that I enjoy having on my site because they bring a different dimension to the information I provide.

My first and foremost goal of this site is to use my life and skills to help others heal and advance their mind body connection. Everything I do on this site is towards that goal. I realize I do need to earn a living, so I’ve mixed that in with my creativity.

If you have something to share with my readers, feel free to contact me for more details. I have a few free slots open to do this as well as paid spots.

I already have a staff of writers that write for me, and I handpicked them because of what they had to offer and how they write. They genuinely encapsulate the desire to help others first and foremost. I enjoy writers that share deeply from their heart and experiences. When they write about their journey, it is when their words come alive.

There are far too many people writing content online that is about someone’s belief system or paradigms and unfortunately, those fall flat on most ears. This site is not about someone’s beliefs and paradigms. It is about the journey to know ourselves more.

I also strive to keep fresh content on here of high quality. My content is hopefully a viewpoint or concept that you have not heard about or read in the way it is presented here. I do not welcome the regurgitation and republishing of content. Again, your journey and experiences make for a much better story than sharing the same words over and over.

If you think you might be a good fit or want more exposure for helping the world, let me know. We will see what we can do together. Fill out the contact form and someone will try to get back to you as soon as someone can. Include a link to things you’ve already written and your website to help expedite the process.


What Am I Looking For In A Guest Writer

  • Someone who is authentic and writes this way.
  • A writer that shares about their journey.
  • Someone that shares how they dealt with their struggle.
  • Anyone who has something to share that will change the world.


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