Guest Writer Contributors

Guest Writer Contributors

I love having various viewpoints and information on my website. Furthermore, I believe that it makes the site more rounded. As a result, it helps strengthen its impact on the mind body connection. The guest writer contributors for this site are listed below while you can see the occasional writers listed below.

We are NOT accepting any new guest blog posts at this time.

These Guest Writer Contributors have been writing on my Blogspot Blog for some time now.

Guest Writer Contributors Include

Mental Health Matters – Jody

Guest Blogger JodyJody writes terrific content on the area of Mental Health. Her blog posts show up on the first Monday of the month. Also, Jody is a survivor, warrior, and conqueror. She has survived childhood sexual abuse, self-harm and multiple suicide attempts and diagnosed with BPD, Depression, and Anxiety.

She knows that it is essential for others to know they are not alone. So, as one of the guest writer contributors, she uses her writing to help on her healing journey. Most of all she desires for mental health to no longer be as much of a stigma as it currently is. Also, I love it when Jody says, “I am not my illness.”

Learn more on the Blogspot blog about Jody and Mental Health Matters. Make sure you check out and follow Jody on her Blog and Twitter. Jody is one of the regular Guest Writer Contributors.

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Natural Healing Gal – Marie

Guest Blogger MarieMarie writes a column about topics ranging from all areas of natural healing methods. Her blog posts show up on the second Monday of every month. As Marie states in her bio, “I love nature and I love (almost) all that it has to offer. I don’t like bugs very much, but I am learning to coexist.”

While Marie was a professional vocalist with her husband at one time, she now is a professional dog trainer. While Marie began to learn about natural home remedies because she was super sensitive to chemicals and additives, she experimented with all kinds of treatments. As a result, she learned so much that she now shares it with other people.

Find out more on my Blogspot blog about Marie as the Natural Healing Gal. You can follow Marie on her website, Twitter or Facebook. Marie is one of the regular Guest Writer Contributors.

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A Happy Medium – Amanda

Guest Blogger AmandaOne of the Guest Writer Contributors to the column is Amanda where she writes about her life as a medium in addition to everything she has learned. She knew this from a young age but did not acknowledge it. She was gifted with the ability to understand what lies beyond the physical. While she was able to both see and hear spirits, she blocked this ability in herself until recently. After coming out of the “Psychic Closet” in 2016, she has been doing readings for clients.

As a perpetual student of the Universe, Amanda loves reading, meditating and teaching others about the wonders of the Universe and the world beyond the physical. Look for Amanda’s column, A Happy Medium on the third Monday of every month.

Find out more about Amanda on my Blogspot Blog. You can follow Amanda on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Amanda is one of the regular Guest Writer Contributors.

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Insights Into Healing – Barbara

Guest blogger BarbaraBarbara is one of the Guest Writer Contributors here on Mind Body Thoughts. She is the newest of contributors, and I value her stuff so much because Barbara has a strong desire to help others heal. While she helps others heal, she finds that it helps her heal as well. Also, her life journey has brought her to a place of deep understanding that life is not so much what we see, but what we discover and learn along the way.

Barbara is married to her loving husband of 22 years and has a daughter. Her son of 22 years committed suicide in 2012. In addition to her work at Evolutionary Healing Institute with Dr. Paul Canali, she also has a B.S. in Psychology. She is also a Reiki Master and a trained Esthetician, and also she completed a course in Yuen Energetics.

Look for Barbara’s column every alternating fourth Monday of the month. You can also learn more about her on my other blog. Take a look at Barbara’s Facebook page. ( Barbara is one of the regular Guest Writer Contributors.

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Jeff’s Journal – Jeff

Guest blogger JeffJeff is one of the behind the scenes persons and Guest Writer Contributors. While he writes on occasion and will be a regular contributor now, he helps me immensely with editing on this website. Jeff comes from a diverse background in radio, music and TV news. Also, he’s been a writer for a long time and is an authority on Florida Garage Bands of the 1960’s.

In addition to doing work that he loves with old vinyl records and music history, Jeff loves to write articles that help make a difference in this world. He shares his journey to help others who may be struggling with the same things. Also, Jeff was one of the participants on the Oprah 200 Male Survivor show.

While Jeff is one of the Guest Writer Contributors, you need to stay tuned for his blog posts because they will most likely show up when you least expect them. Most of all, you don’t want to miss them!

Follow Jeff on his website at or Facebook or Twitter.

Check out all of Jeff’s Column Posts, check out Jeff’s Journal.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy what is being shared by these contributors. Most of all, I think you will find as a result that these are fantastic writers.

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