Grandpa’s Magic Pill


Grandpa’s Magic Pill

Health conditions that I thought were beyond the scope of improvement have disappeared.

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As long as I live, I’ll never forget Grandpa’s magic pill. It was one of those placebo stories that you see in the movies, but not in usually in real life.

I was around 7 years old at the time. I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but I remember my grandparents were on their way to our house one weekend.

Minor Traffic Accident

While on the way, they had a minor traffic accident. While they didn’t get seriously hurt, they were bruised up significantly. The hospital checked them out and the doctor sent them home with us for the weekend.

angry grandpa

In those days, there weren’t many pharmacies and most of them were not open on the weekend. After all, we lived in rural Iowa. The doctor had prescribed my grandpa some pain pills, but unfortunately not in a large enough quantity.

The medication took his pain away which helped, but he went through them like there was no tomorrow. However, it was no magic pill.

My grandpa wasn’t the warmest of people and he was cranky. He tended to complain a lot and I’m not sure if I ever remember him smiling. My mom told me that as a kid, he would spend all their money on alcohol. Overall, he just wasn’t one of those people you wanted to spend a lot of time around in life.

Since we had a small country house, my grandparents got the beds my brother and I slept in and we slept on the floor in the living room.

Throughout the weekend my grandpa complained nonstop of pain. He got so cranky and he would bellow at my mom for everything. He was really getting on her nerves and she was trying hard to help him.

When The Pain Pills Ran Out

When the pain pills ran out, my grandpa was still complaining horribly about the pain he had. My mom was trying to comfort him, but that didn’t help. She wanted to get more pain pills for him, but nothing was open.


Finally, in desperation, she came up with an idea. We still had some of those smarties left from trick-or-treating on Halloween. She took some of them and proceeded to convince my grandpa that they were special high powered pain pills. They were a magic pill.

At first, he wasn’t too sure if he believed her, but she was convincing. She made those smarties candy out to be the greatest magic pill of all time.

He bought it.

The next thing we knew, he was fast asleep in his bed without pain. He wasn’t complaining or bellowing or screaming at her. All was quiet coming from the bedroom.

I remember when he woke up that he remarked how well this magic pill worked. It really got rid of his pain.

Little did he realize, it was only candy.

The magic pill was in his mind. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that we trick people with candy.

Discover The Magic Pill Of Healing

What I am suggesting is that the pain we experience comes within the mind body connection. If we can go in and connect what it is we are feeling with what we have experienced, than we can truly discover the magic pill of healing.

Just like I talked about in the previous blog post about Emma’s blue pills on The Andy Griffith Show, what people believe to be true often is. What people allow themselves to see or feel or believe is as true as it gets.

Within us is where the magic pill exists. It is the mind body connection. It is the point where we see what we have suppressed and identify how it is showing up in the body.

Mind Body Connection

Dr. John Sarno talks at length about this in his books and in the documentary called All The Rage.

Dr. Paul Canali has also been an influential person in helping me truly understand what the mind body connection is in a very real manner. (Dr. Paul Canali Of Evolutionary Healing Institute).

Health conditions that I thought were beyond the scope of improvement have disappeared. Other conditions I’ve faced in my life no longer completely control my life. There are some that I still struggle with, but now I realize that the magic pill is located within me. It is within my mind body connection.

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