Go In And Feel The Mind Body Connection


Go In And Feel The Mind Body Connection

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Go in and feel.  I kept hearing those words in my therapy session.  While I really needed this session today, I wasn’t sure if any place of hope still existed.

If you read my previous week’s blog post on Torment Inside My Mind And Body, you’ll quickly see that things weren’t all that good for me.  I was dealing with memories of trauma and torture that I had been through in my past.  They were doing their best to take me down.

To go in and feel felt like asking me to fly myself to the moon. 

It was beyond anything I thought I could do in that moment.

I struggled to find the smallest hope that I could do this.  While I have seen people say that hope is an illusion and don’t put much stock in it, I know its importance first hand.  Sometimes, that hope is all I’ve had to hold on to in my life.

If you read either of my books, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma or my latest book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, you’ll understand where I’m coming from in these blog posts.  None of this is easy and sometimes the process tries to take me down.

Needed To Go In And Feel

Today’s therapy session was about how I needed to go in and feel. 

With all the therapy I’ve been through it might seem like a simple thing to do, but it isn’t.  In fact, even if we have healed and even if we have learned to feel, advanced lessons bring us back to the point of learning again and again. 

We all want to believe that we can easily go in and feel the mind-body connection.  If it was that easy to do this, many health issues would not be as rampant as they are.

Realize We Are Numbing

To go in and feel, we have to first realize that we are numbing, disconnecting, and not feeling what is there.  This is not easy for the conscious mind.  It is not until we stop, sense, and observe what we notice and sense that we find out the depth of our awareness.

I’ve spent many sessions working on this and helping others work through it, but part of the healing process is learning over and over what it truly means.  It is natural for us as humans to avoid the true feeling within the mind and body, but if we want to heal deeply, we must become aware.

Feel The Mind-Body Connection

When we go in and feel the mind-body connection, it is then that we are no longer numbing.  It is the point where we connect our awareness with our consciousness and discover much more than we understand. 

No, this is not a thought process or a mind-based process.  These elements exist in the mind-body connection, but when we go in and feel, we’ve gained an entirely new level of discovery. 

All too often, we stay on the outside trying to think our way through healing.  Yes, this is necessary, but don’t neglect the deeper layers of awareness.  When we go through difficult moments in life, especially trauma, our cells remember that which the mind often avoids.

When we go in and feel, it is then that we allow our cells, muscles, tissues, organs, nervous system, and our mind and body to finally begin releasing the deeply-held trauma.  It is the key to the deepest healing because the effects continue to control our awareness and consciousness.  If there is any doubt, check out the ACE study for proof of what I’m stating here.