Get Out Of Your Head


Get Out Of Your Head

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Get out of your head!  Many years ago I was helping Dr. Paul Canali work on some of his patients.  I learned a valuable lesson about how to get out of my head when it comes to healing.  In one case, the individual I was working on was resonating with me deeply.

It wasn’t anything that was spoken or said.  I was not even aware of how it was impacting me at that moment.  However, as Dr. Canali witnessed, my body was shut down to the point where I was not sensing anything going on at that moment.  My emotions were flat and disconnected.  I had put a wall up guarding myself against what I was experiencing.

And yet – I did not even realize I was doing this.  I was not aware I was doing it.

In the healing work we are doing, you need to be connected and aware of all that is going on.  To put up a wall or to guard yourself, keeps you from fully helping the individual walk through their pain.

Get Out Of Your Head

Very gently, Dr. Canali said, “get out of your head.”.

At first, I looked at him stunned and confused.  What did he mean by telling me to get out of my head?  I did not understand because I was using my head, rather than my heart.

So, he gently tapped my heart area and told me to connect there, not my head.  By him touching my heart region, it helped me see that I was in my head.  For me to proceed, I had to get out of my head, or nothing was going to happen for this patient.  Yes, I was in tears.  Yes, I felt overcome with the connection, even though I could not state it at that moment.

Once I made the shift and was able to get out of my head, it was like a curtain had been lifted.  The energy and vibration of the moment shifted almost instantaneously.  The more I was able to get out of my head and connect with my heart, the more I felt.  As I did this, the patient responded in a way that helped them make a significant shift in their own life.

Recently, I had an experience with someone else.  This time it was over the phone and not in person.  I was in territory that was unfamiliar to me, and it made me anxious. At that moment I started to get frightened, thinking what if I can’t be there enough for this person?  I was unsure of what to say to them.  I felt helpless.  To me, I felt inadequate.

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

Then, I kept thinking about the time with Dr. Canali and hearing his words, “get out of your head.”

Through my own fears with this individual, I started connecting with my heart.  I let it guide me.  At that moment, I allowed my heart to respond to the person.  No, it wasn’t particularly easy to do, but the more that I trusted my heart knew best, the easier it got.

When I felt myself slipping back into the fear of my own inadequacy, I would keep reminding myself of Dr. Canali’s words, get out of your head.

Through the course of this conversation, my heart connected with this individual.  I was able to explore ways that helped them move through the experience happening at that time.  The more I connected with my heart, the more I shifted, and they shifted.

If I would have stayed in my head and my ego, I would not have been of much use to them.  When I was able to get out of my head, it was then that my heart could connect with theirs and tap into a power greater than myself.  It made all the difference.