Frozen Energy Trapped In The Body


Frozen Energy Trapped In The Body

If you've been through horrible experiences in life or you deal with toxic stress, most likely you'll feel it.

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Frozen energy trapped in the body is one very difficult part of coming out of survival mode.

We as humans experience situations that are just too great for the mind (and the BODY) to deal with in our lives. Whether it is child abuse, torture, toxic stress, or being involved in a traumatic incident, we store this energy in the body.

What Is Survival Mode?

Survival mode is when our nervous systems are essentially arrested in a physiological state of fear. This frozen state of trapped energy in the body can wreak havoc and can lead to all sorts of physical and emotional diseases and suffering.

Dr. Paul Canali, Evolutionary Healing Institute

Example Of Frozen Energy

Consider an example of a car accident, because it demonstrates frozen energy trapped in the body. Let’s say you are driving through a parking lot and someone unexpectedly backs out into you. You may or may not see it coming, but your body tenses up for impact, and more than likely you will be holding your breath. While it may be a very insignificant accident, the energy of your body tensing up and you holding your breath are now locked within you.

Frozen Energy Trapped In The Body

These physiological reactions may stay with you for some time and may also connect to other moments you have endured. While you might not even be aware or conscious of the previous moments, the neural pathways form the connections between the cells and the brain.

Until we go in and release the frozen energy, these moments will continue to look for exits. They will work to find a way to resolve themselves, even though the car crash is over.

As the frozen energy tries its best to make sense out of the experience and connections, it will impact other systems that correlate or touch these moments. In time, other biological parts of us will become impacted, yet we may not put everything together of how the frozen energy is trapped in the body.

Releasing Frozen Energy

To rid ourselves of the frozen energy, we will need to use the felt sense. We need to feel what it is that we could not feel in the moment of the car crash. I’m not talking about going into an overwhelming recall. Instead, the more we allow ourselves to sense and feel, the more we will heal the mind body.

Many of us want to go in and only work from the brain or mind perspective. Until we go in and touch those innermost parts of the body, we will hold ourselves back. It will only provide a limited amount of healing experience for our lives.

The same can be applied to child abuse, trauma of any type, or even the build up of toxic stress. All of these things have a large impact upon the body. They connect to past experiences and hold us back from fully engaging in life

Numbing And Disconnecting

The more these experiences become frozen energy trapped in the body, the more numb and disconnected we become. They rob us of so much potential in life and hold us back from feeling the deepest states of love.

Feeling Numb Or Alive

If you’ve been through horrible experiences in life or you deal with toxic stress, most likely you’ll feel it. Some of the ways it will show up is through emotional struggle and chronic pain. It may include a loss of enjoyment and deep meaning in life. Work to clear the frozen energy trapped in the body. Allow yourself to heal, from the felt sense, those things that show up in your body.

If you would like to read further about survival mode, make sure you check out my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition.

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition by Don Shetterly

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