Finding The Way Out Of The Cave


Finding The Way Out Of The Cave

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One of the things I’ve found in my healing journey is that sometimes I go into this deep dark cave. Finding the way out of the cave is anything but easy. I want nothing to do with anyone. I want no touch. It is as though I hang a sign from my neck that says, “bear in hibernation, do not disturb.”

In these times, I hate and despise being in the cave. Finding the way out of the cave is something I desperately want, but it seems like there is no way out at the time.  It all feels hopeless and I feel helpless.

Not too many weeks ago, I was at one of these points. I went deep into the darkness of the cave and was not sure if I could find my way back. Sure, I’ve been in these dark places before, but this time was different. This was much deeper and further than I had ever fallen.

For weeks I didn’t eat much, and barely spoke to anyone including my husband. I cut off contact with everyone. I stared into space just hoping my days would end. There was no relief in sight. I was not sure how to get back to a sense of normalcy in my life. In fact, I was not sure if I wanted to find my way back.

It all seemed hopeless. Nothing seemed to matter. I didn’t care.

While I found my way out of the cave, recently a friend of mine was sharing the same situation with me. I told my friend the following in order to help them find their way out.

When you are in the cave, keep striking the rocks together. Sooner or later you will ignite a spark. When you do, it will briefly illuminate the far wall. Keep doing that and look for the map on the far wall that shows you the way out. It is there, but you must keep striking the rocks to find it. It will help you.

FInding the way out of the cave we’ve gone and hidden in is like striking rocks together. Sooner or later, you’ll find the way out. You’ll see where to go.

No, you might not find it at that moment or the next. It may take more than a day or two, but if you keep striking rocks together, the sparks will illuminate the cave.

Finding the way out of the cave is what many of us have had to do. There is a way. We all know it because we’ve found it. Have hope that you will discover it like we have and know that our hands are reaching out to help you to assist. We’re here for you. Don’t give up hope. Don’t forget that you too can find the way out of the cave.

Just keep striking those rocks together. You’ll get it. You will make it too!


Finding The Way Out Of The Cave