Finding Stress Relief


Finding Stress Relief

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Unfortunately, in our society, there are too few modalities that help us in finding stress relief for our body and mind. Yes, there are things such as massage, Yoga, Qigong and others but often they do not take us far enough. More often than not, the people doing these things have not figured out how to heal the body of stress and so they only take you so far. There are things that help us work on stress in the mind, but they fail to address the connected relationship of where the stress resides in the body.

Finding stress relief takes a soul who knows how to walk into the fires of what has been destroyed, helping you walk through it. It requires that a person not avoid what is felt within, using that feeling to transform. While some may think that means releasing emotions is the key, the emotions are only a side effect of releasing the stress internally. If you want to understand this more fully, check out Dr. Paul Canali’s work or books by authors such as Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk.

Stress impacts the mind body in ways that our society does not understand. Even the new age workers do not understand as much as they think they do in this regard. Our medical world tends to treat the symptoms, but not the root cause. After all, patients don’t want to be told that their lack of skills in dealing with stress is at the root of their situation.

Often the ego tries to protect us by desiring a name for a condition that the medical world says we have. It wants to find a pill or a procedure that says this is how you fix it because that takes the responsibility off of the person struggling with a physical condition. It is the human experience to want to do this. However, until we realize that we play a role in this and that we have the power to go in and change it, we’ll rely on help that is only putting a band aid on the gushing wound.

Yes, it may take a qualified person who is awake and aware and conscious to help us find our way through the fire. Yes, it may require us to let go of our own paradigms and beliefs to obtain the healing from stress in the body. We may even need to embrace something that we are afraid of as we learn how to let go of that which we have used to survive.

Stress impacts the body in so many ways that we are at an epidemic now in our country and throughout the world. We do very little that is effective in dealing with it, and we cling to things that provide little more than the placebo effect.

I know first hand through the paralysis I experienced as a result of conversion disorder, just how badly one can avoid dealing with the experiences of life. It has shown me through my own journey that if we don’t deal with stress and harmful experiences in our lives, it will deal with us. We may get by for a long time thinking we have escaped, but sooner or later it will catch up with us. It may not be in the way we expect, but stress and trauma impact our mind body in physical, mental and emotional ways.


Finding Stress Relief

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