Secret To Finding Healing In My Life


Secret To Finding Healing In My Life

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Finding healing in life is not always easy, but it is possible.

When we are in need of healing in our lives, it becomes a matter of perspective.

How we view what is possible is extremely important, even if we don’t know how to reach that point.

When I was lying there on the floor and in the hospital bed paralyzed from conversion disorder, I had no idea how to heal. Finding healing was a dream!

I didn’t know what was possible. At that moment, all that seemed to be real to me was lying on the floor with legs that would not hold me up.

Don Shetterly Paralyzed

It would have been far too easy for me to just stay on the floor, paralyzed and not being able to take care of myself. However, that was so horrifying to me because, in that moment, I realized I had no mobility.

Without mobility, you’re dependent upon others, and your freedom disappears.

For me, finding healing was not dependent upon what others told me I should do. Much of what was offered to me, did very little.

I had people tell me to pray about it. I had doctors telling me I would never fully function again in life. Some would give platitudes and slogans as if this was somehow helpful.

People Did Not Understand

Other people would tell me what worked for them when they had rough moments, even though they had no idea what it was like to have legs that would not work. There were people that would try to fit my situation they did not understand into their view and experiences in life. These were not helpful things in finding healing and yet I saw this time and time again.

I had to find the right bits of truth

On the other hand, I obviously did not have the answers, so somehow I had to find the right bits of truth from the right people. While that may sound easy to do, in our world it is anything but easy. People have their own agendas and their own consciousness and that is how they view the world. They think everyone else should view the world in this way.

For me to heal and walk again, I had to give up all that I knew. I held many beliefs from early in my life. Many of these beliefs and opinions about life and healing held little value. What I had come to know by the latest medical opinions of the day were not helpful.

Don’t Ignore The Helpful Things

So, while I had to sort through the help people offered me, deciphering what was helpful, I had to be careful not to ignore things that offered potential. One of the biggest downfalls I see in finding healing is that people shun the things that offer so much to their journey. If it doesn’t fit in their paradigms, they have tuned it out.

I see this over and over again and it is so sad. We become the paradigms we hold dear even if they have little to help us. Instead of looking at what lies beyond the box of thought we believe, we succumb to it as if it is our king. No one can convince most people in this situation that this is the case because their consciousness ignores it and laughs at it.

Finding Healing By Traveling Our Own Road

Each one of us has to travel our own road, but when we get angry at a lack of progress while scoffing at things that may help, we are our own worst enemies. It is a choice we make, whether we want to believe that or not.

I know it isn’t easy. Finding healing is not something any human should have to deal with in life. Unfortunately, if you’ve been through horrible experiences, that choice is no longer up for grabs.

If I would have held on to my beliefs and not traveled deep into the unknown, I would not have made it. My journey didn’t stop when I found a few things. I kept going further and deeper into healing that I did not realize existed. As a result, I’ve seen that finding healing is far greater than most can see or understand.

I just did not get to this point by accepting where I was or the condition I was diagnosed. Those were only the launching points in getting to know my innermost self. While at the time it seemed impossible, finding healing became about so much more in life than I ever imagined.

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