Finding Answers In Healing


Finding Answers In Healing

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Have you felt like you’re up against a brick wall in life like I do at times? Finding answers in healing is not always easy. Yes, there are many platitudes and people that suggest it is, but my experience says that there is much more to it than meets the eye.

We can’t gloss over our healing and think it is a one size fits all statement. That is far too simplistic for anyone. Healing is a complicated process, and for each person, it is different. We have all had our unique experiences and backgrounds that make navigation through healing anything but straightforward.

Finding answers when you’re in the middle of the difficult moments of healing is not easy. Often it feels like we can’t see what we need to see and no matter how hard we try, it just evades us. It hides from our view. It feels like a fog that is so thick we cannot begin to recognize anything around us.

Finding answers in healing is a process. It is one simple little step at a time that we take. Obtaining the answers are part of the process that helps build our life and healing on a more firm foundation. The more we go through it, the more it lays the groundwork for our future healing moments.

Finding answers requires us to stop and go inside of ourselves. If we look for them, we will see them because they reside within our mind and body. It is about becoming more aware of all parts of ourselves that we will find the answers we seek.

Learning to connect to our mind is a benefit in this process. For if we only connect with our mind, we’re leaving out the other big part of the healing connection which is the body. Our body holds vast amounts of answers and insight into healing if we allow ourselves to discover it. It is often missing in healing, and this is more than a discussion about mindfulness.

When the trauma or stressful experiences happened to us, it was not only imprinted in our mind but our body as well. If we only focus on finding the answers to our healing by doing work on our thoughts, we’ll miss the value of what our body can teach us.

Finding answers involves us connecting the mind and body through feeling and the felt sense. It asks us to be more connected to all parts of ourselves, not just the parts that are more readily apparent. Finding answers is about moving in the direction of the unknown while realizing that there is so much more inside of us to discover. It is about connecting the mind and body to find the answers we need in our healing.


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