Find Hope And Possibility From Child Abuse


Find Hope And Possibility From Child Abuse

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Hope And Possibility Through Trauma

For a long time, I never thought I would find hope and possibility from child abuse.  When I first started my healing journey, I thought I was forever doomed.  In many ways, I didn’t have a choice about starting this journey.

Recovering from conversion disorder and the paralysis from it, I was facing an uphill battle.  Yes, I knew I had been abused, but I didn’t want to admit it.  I didn’t want to own it.  I conveniently pushed it aside and went on as if I had everything together.

The sad part is, I didn’t have much together.  I was only fooling myself and all those that knew me.  When I went into the hospital because I was essentially losing all semblance of life that I knew, everything seemed hopeless.  To suggest that I could find hope and possibility from child abuse seemed like crazy talk to me.

It wasn’t an overnight journey of healing.  Nothing magically made it all disappear in a split second.

I found it was a process that had to unfold.  To find hope and possibility from child abuse and trauma, you take many small steps.  These small steps add up to significant leaps that take you further than you think you can go.

Little did I realize that finding healing in my life meant taking the steps toward it.  No manual could give me a step-by-step process with all the hidden pitfalls.  No one could say if I do this part, it will yield this result.

Yes, I learned from others what worked for them and what did not.  I read books and tried to learn as much as I could about the pitfalls that may exist and to be aware of in my journey.  I learned to lean on others for support and attempt to begin the process of trusting others by understanding boundaries.

One of the important steps I took was in my writing.  I wrote down everything I was thinking.  It was not done to share with anyone.  There was no way I could let anyone see it at the time.  I was not that brave.  I kept writing anyway.  Through my words, I began to allow the pain of my experiences with child abuse to emerge.  The more I let them out, the more I started to find a moment’s peace in my life.

This book I wrote on how to find hope and possibility from child abuse and trauma was born from those writings.  I write about what I went through and how that translated into a forward movement of finding steps necessary to heal.

We each have our own experiences.  We each have our path to find hope and possibility from child abuse and trauma.

I honor and cherish each person that begins taking steps on that journey, no matter how challenging it may appear.  May you find hope and possibility from child abuse and trauma so that you can live a life of who you are deep inside.


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