Feeling The Body Pain Connection


Feeling The Body Pain Connection

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Feeling The Body Pain Connection in where we begin to understand consciousness.  Without it, we are merely wandering through life.  Unfortunately, this is the default position for most humans these days.

Actually feeling the body pain connection is something that takes work and practice.  It is not our default go-to-place because it is challenging.  Often, it takes hard work and courage and determination.  Most of the time it means following a path forward that is not easily seen.  There are no handbooks telling us a step-by-step approach to take.  We can’t ask our friends and family what to do because it is a different path.  It is a path that only we know what it means to walk.

Yet, we don’t even know what the path entails.  We can’t see the edges of the cliff, or the curves and turns that lie ahead.  Feeling the body pain connection is a journey into the fog of darkness.  We may not see where the road goes but trusting that it continues.  Sometimes we step out from all we know into that part of the unknown, realizing that we will either have something solid to stand on, or we will be given wings and taught to fly.  There are no truer words about feeling the body pain connection.

There’s no easily definable path ahead and all the positive thoughts may not show you where the path leads.  It often requires the pain to act as bumper rails in life.  They define the edges.  They help keep us moving forward when our eyes can barely see nothing before us.

Feeling the body pain connection is about going deep into one’s self and realizing that there is more.  There is no outer edge of it, only layers of possibility that as they unfold, more comes into view.  It is about recognizing that there is much beyond where we are at.  It is leading us to a greater awareness and consciousness of ourselves.  As we go through the pain, we are being led to knowing and understanding ourselves in a way we have not up to this point.   The more we know about ourselves, the more we can make choices that chart the future of what we know in life.

Feeling the body pain connection requires that we go in with a connection to what we are feeling and feel it within our cells, tissues, muscles, and body organs.  We are not trying to direct where we feel it.  Our aim is listening and observing the felt sense of our body so we will hear it.  We are not trying to shape it or mold it.  There is no need to quantify and evaluate it or explain it.  We are in the moment of observing and feeling.

The more you quiet your mind and allow this to happen, the more you will connect with so much you do not realize is there.  Many times this takes the help of a safe person in a safe place that can walk through the fire with you holding no judgment or ego as to the outcome.  Another person is there to help hold the space and offer assistance from their heart, not their mind or ego or belief system.



Feeling The Body Pain Connection