Feeling Is Healing and Healing Is Feeling


Feeling Is Healing and Healing Is Feeling

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Every time I see someone tell another person not to feel, it bothers me. It is some of the worst advice you can give a person, sentencing them to a life of hell. I say, “don’t hold back feeling” anything and everything in your life. Feeling is healing!

For years, I didn’t feel a thing. I put the pretty smile on my face and made everyone around me believe that my life was okay. It took 26 years before my world came crashing down. I could not feel anything emotionally or physically. I was so numb and did not know it.

Fortunately, I came back to life and managed to heal and turn my life around. It was not easy. I had to learn how to feel even though it was so unpleasant and painful. No one had taught me how to feel. Everything in my life from family to church to society had taught me how to bury my feelings.

One of the most healing moments in unified therapy and the work I have gone through is when we feel what is happening. Until that moment of feeling, you’re locked in, and the energy of the past experiences is stuck within your body and mind. Feeling is healing, and without it you are stuck.

We want to believe that if we don’t feel, then we’ve moved beyond it. Too many want to believe that “feelings” are dangerous and draining and negative. Many want to have others move on from their feelings because then they don’t have to deal with how it connects with them. The opposite of this is far more healthy.

No one teaches us how to acknowledge our feelings. Family and society teach us to hide and suppress them. Society tells us at every turn just to ignore them as they are not good. We don’t know what to do with them.

When you ignore feelings, you shut your body down. You shut the full experience of being human into a life of hell. Joy and peace may be there to some degree but not the same as when you turn the feelings on. We can’t suppress some things and yet expect ourselves to be awake consciously.

To move past whatever experience you have, you need to feel all of what is going on and coming up in your mind and BODY. Otherwise, we hold this in as stored energy which causes more significant issues. Healing is feeling, and feeling is healing.

When I am on the table getting a therapy session or when I’m working with others, one of the hardest things to do is to feel. A session starts out attempting to feel in your body. Without feeling, you are closed down. Healing cannot happen in a closed down state.

We are so oblivious to this, and until we start to allow ourselves to feel, we will not realize just how badly we do this. We survive through unconscious behavior. If we don’t allow consciousness to be turned on, we’re asking for hell in our life.

If everyone in this world learned to turn feeling on and feel everything, it would change this world in such a way that is hard to imagine. We hold it all in, and it creates havoc on ourselves and all those we energetically come in contact with in our day.

I don’t care if it is anger, sadness, or grief that is in your life. If you want to heal it, allow it to come out and connect it to your body. Let yourself feel it entirely within your cells and tissues, then work to release that. The more you allow these things to come through, the more you will heal in your life. The more you heal, the more you can experience.

Try not to make the mistake of giving others lousy advice by telling them not to feel. It is horrible advice. Learn instead how to bring those emotions out while connecting them in the mind and most importantly, in the body.

Feeling is healing and healing is feeling as I’ve heard a million times.


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