Enjoy The Moment Is Priceless


Enjoy The Moment Is Priceless

Take a moment and turn the brain off, observing what you see.

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So often we fail to enjoy the moment. We try to analyze everything and make an issue out of things that aren’t an issue. Some would call that making a mountain out of a molehill.

Today, I was out at the beach taking time to enjoy the moment. I posted a couple of pictures online and was amazed at the response. One picture showed the ocean and another was of a bird. People started to comment as if each one represented their own issue or analysis.

I didn’t think that these two pictures would elicit such a response. They captured beautiful moments. Maybe you had to be there to enjoy the moment and it just didn’t show through in the pictures.

Enjoy the moment

A Bigger Issue

For me, I think it leads to a much bigger issue. We don’t know how to be in the moment. We don’t know how to enjoy the moment. All we know how to do is let our brains run wild. Sure, we can state positive thoughts with the best, but if we can’t be in the moment, what does that get us?

Nature and the universe bring together great moments for us to stop and be present. Some would call that mindfulness. Some would call it meditation. Yet, I think the vast majority of humans go through their day oblivious to what is around them.

Seeing And Observing

Yes, we can identify things we see, but sometimes, it is a matter of just seeing and observing what is before us. It is important to enjoy the moment. It gives us a pause in life with time to regroup our thoughts, slow our breathing, and find some peace and calmness.

If we're not careful, life will pass us by quickly.

If we’re not careful, life will pass us by quickly. Too many of us are so busy being busy that we stop taking care of ourselves. We burn the candle at both ends with our active brains, but we ignore how we take care of the body we are given.

Learn To Enjoy The Moment

If we don’t learn how to enjoy the moment, our life will become full of ills, aches, and pains. We’ll lose sight of what truly matters, and body awareness will be nothing more than a meme.

If you’re not stopping each day to smell the roses, you’re sentencing yourself to more misery than you deserve. Try walking outside and hearing the birds, watching the trees, or observing the clouds as they drift past you.

Turn The Brain Off

Take a moment and turn the brain off, observing what you see. How does that moment of reflection feel in your body? Has your breath slowed down? Has your breath deepened? Learn to observe and feel that in your body.

When we enjoy the moment, we are giving ourselves so much more life and freedom. We are giving a priceless gift that nothing else can give. It is so needed in these days, but unfortunately far too many fail to practice this simple concept.

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