Eating Healthy


Eating Healthy

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The latest and greatest research has us thinking we need a science degree to know how to eat a healthy diet. I am all for science, but I think something is missing here.  Eating healthy is essential to a good life, but there is more to it than just mere words.

Talk to ten medical doctors, and you may get ten completely different views on healthy eating. You will find some doctors believe in meats, fats, and dairy. Some conclude that being vegan is best; some think vegetarian and some a mixture of the above. There are doctors that say fruits are bad for us, while others suggest we should eat almost all fruits.

My diet is mostly vegetarian, and I occasionally eat small amounts of fish or poultry.  I have felt better, more energized and nourished when I eat this way.  Eliminating dairy makes me feel even better.

Some people eat this way because they genuinely feel for animals, which I understand entirely. The way I eat is not any more right or wrong than any other way. I have my feelings and beliefs, and that is my choice. People should not be judged or criticized for choosing to eat meat or to be vegan.



Choices Ruled By Fear

Many of us have become fearful of eating the way we feel is right for us. Science tells us we will get sick. Doctors tell us we are not getting enough protein. People tell us we do not get enough calcium. Research tells us sugar will give us diabetes and fat will cause high cholesterol and will cause a heart attack. Instead, we are encouraged to consume toxic substitutes for sugar, salt, and fat, and this is supposed to be healthier.

“The latest and greatest” research has us thinking we need a science degree to know how to eat a healthy diet. I am all for science, but I think something is missing here.



It’s All The Same Anyway!

I often hear people say “all salt is the same” or “all sugar is the same.” Sorry but I don’t buy it. There is a vast difference between corn syrup and unprocessed sugar, molasses or fruit! One of our doctors had us thinking apples were terrible for us because they have too much sugar. The newest doctor says to eat an apple a day for soluble fiber.

There is also a huge difference between processed white table salt and sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Our bodies, like the oceans, should contain solutions of naturally occurring healthy salts and minerals. It is the processing of the salt that makes it unhealthy.

We are not all the same

Everyone has an opinion that adds doubt and fear instead of knowledge and mindfulness. These conflicting views are confusing. If you add to that the eating disorder I manage each day, you can imagine the frustration I feel. We are not all the same. Therefore we should not be told to eat the same way.

Everyone has a right to choose what food is right for them. No one should be ridiculed and judged for the choices they make. Unfortunately, our options are becoming more and more limited. We eat what we are told instead of being mindful of our own decisions.



Eating Clean – Eating Healthy!

In one of my sessions with Dr. Paul Canali, he said merely “eat clean.”

That statement had a profound impact on me. Real, unprocessed food made with simple ingredients that are free of pesticides, antibiotics and toxic fertilizer is better for us. I strive for clean food for myself, my family and my pets.

When I reach for a meal now, I try to be mindful of what my body needs. Am I hungry? Thirsty? What would make me feel energized and comfortable, or relaxed and nourished?  Eating healthy takes on a whole new meaning to me.



Comfort Food

If I need comfort food, I try to find ones that are basic and clean. If I feel the need for hot chocolate, should I buy the pre-packaged kind which includes ingredients that I cannot read? Should I make my hot chocolate from pure organic ingredients? How about using pure cocoa, vanilla extract, sea salt, homemade almond milk, and molasses?

Should I buy ice cream loaded with poor ingredients? Can I make my own with frozen bananas or frozen strawberries and almond or coconut milk? For every comfort food, I can find a recipe using clean ingredients and still satisfy my cravings.

I love science and the appropriate research it brings, however, I would rather trust my instinct.

I prefer to rely on my body to tell me what foods can heal me and keep me healthy.

– Marie (Natural Healing Gal)



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