Seriously – Does Fear Hold You Back?


Seriously – Does Fear Hold You Back?

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Does fear hold you back?  Let me tell you about the impact of fear upon my life.

Oh my dearest fear, you are far too powerful and manipulative.  You are sneaky, crafty, and cunning.  I often don’t know where you hide, but you jump out and attack me at the worst possible moment, leaving me to be a glob of goo on the floor.

Yes fear, I know you’re there.  I know I feel you even if I don’t see you.  Some may ask, does fear you back?  Why certainly it does.

Does Fear Hold You Back?

I’m about ready to embark on a new launch of my book and I saw the following question posed in an author’s forum.  The question was does fear hold you back from marketing your book.  While I know it does, it is easy for me to dismiss it and act like it isn’t there.  Right now, I can sort of ignore it because I know that it is in the background.  Soon, though, I’ll be front and center with it.

My fear says this in the following tweet

Source: @MindBodyThought

It Is Not Easy For Me

It is good that I’m recognizing it because that hasn’t been easy for me.  Too many times, I’ve just let them sit in the corner acting as if they don’t exist.  Then with my eyes closed, they sneak up and slap me a good one!  No more…   no way… no how!

Yes is my answer to the question, does fear hold you back!

Recognizing Fear Is Present

Recognizing that fear is there is by far an important step.  Ignoring it and hoping it just disappears won’t get us very far.  I’ve done that and gotten too many t-shirts as souvenirs with little results to show for it.

I do recognize that these same fears have been coming up in my life in many ways.  Sometimes I’ve been able to work through them, but in this case, these are some very core fears.  In a way, maybe life is giving me another chance to work with them and find my way through them.

The other thing I think is helpful is that even though I feel powerless to some of these fears, this is my way of standing up and calling them out.  It is like, no more.  It is like I’m saying to these fears, you’re not going to get your way this time and you’re not overpowering me.

I want the answer to the question, does fear hold you back to be a big resounding NO!