Do You Have Body Pain?


Do You Have Body Pain?

Once I started dealing with Overcoming A Mysterious Condition in my life, I found that it gave me the courage to go further in healing.

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Boy, do I know body pain! I’m sure most of us do in some way or the other.

For a long time, though, I didn’t realize how much tension and body pain I held in my body. I didn’t realize how much of that was connected to things I did not understand.

Many years ago, I heard Dr. Canali talking about how we attribute some of our back pain to sleeping wrong at night, and how this could not be farther from the truth.

Dr. John Sarno – The Story Of Pain

In the movie documentary on Dr. John Sarno’s work, All The Rage – The Story Of Pain, it was stated that pain is not due to sleeping wrong, but because of repressed emotions not being dealt with in life.

Dr John Sarn - The Story Of Pain - All The Rage

Now, I know if you are like me, this sounds about as crazy as can be. In fact, many people dismiss this as some strange woo woo talk about body pain. However, I know it to be true because of my own experiences and those of many others.

When we don’t deal with the build-up of toxic stress or traumatic experiences we have lived through, they deal with us. We may get through a big chunk of our lives not noticing them. Sooner or later, though, they will catch up with us. Most of the time we don’t notice them until the body pain has kicked up so much, we can’t ignore it.

Living In Survival Mode

In many ways, frozen energy gets trapped in the body because we are living in survival mode. Most of the time we’re so numb and disconnected from the body pain that we don’t see it until it gets our attention. However, it doesn’t make it any less true.

While some may choose not to believe this to be true, it may be due to the fact that life is just too challenging. Yet if can find the courage to go in and face these things head on, the challenges will diminish. We’ll come into view of a much greater power we hold within the mind and body.

In my previous blog post entry, Frozen Energy Trapped In The Body, I discuss this further. It is something most humans experience, whether we want to take ownership or not.

Dealing With Body Pain

In all reality, though, it isn’t as bad to deal with body pain as we believe it is. The fear that held me back from dealing with it almost cost me my life, through conversion disorder. One of the things I had to do then was deal with what I was facing. It was either that or lose my mind and body.

Once I started dealing with Overcoming A Mysterious Condition in my life, I found that it gave me the courage to go further in healing. The more I went, the more of my life I reclaimed. Ultimately, it empowered me so that I could begin to see life in a way I never imagined.

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