Do I Have Stress?


Do I Have Stress?

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Do I have stress?  I see this subject constantly talked about and at one time, I would have been part of the people talking.  For most of my life, I never thought I had stress.

Ok, I know everyone has stressful times in life, but come on – if you’re a guy you are just supposed to handle your stress.  That’s what I was taught at least in my house, and I’ve found many others who were taught the same thing.

Do I have stress?

You may be asking, do I have stress?   I hate to break it to you, but we all have stress.

Every living organism and plant has stress.  If you’re a plant, the stress becomes is about getting the right amount of sunlight and water.  No, I’m sure the plants don’t live their lives worrying about this as humans would, but those moments can be stressful for a plant.  It doesn’t take much to show a plant is stressed, even if they recover quickly.

Humans have stress.

Humans have stress unless you’re no longer alive.  Of course, you wouldn’t be reading this if you were.  Events in our day push us and pull us.  They challenge us.  Sometimes these challenges make us better, and other times we barely keep our heads above water.

Stress often connects with past experiences so what may seem benign to most, could be traumatic to other people.  We’ve all got our different backgrounds and activities that were part of life.  You can’t escape them even if you try!  They are part of who you are.

Of course, I’m not saying your doomed to have stress shake you to your core.  Stress can be positive or negative, and there are times we need the stress to help get us moving in the direction we need to go.

We cause ourselves more stress.

Unfortunately, when we take the attitude that stress is somehow a bad thing that we should not allow anyone to see, we’re causing ourselves more stress!  We are making life harder.  Ignoring what is happening to us and within the body and mind is not a good way to live life.  It will only make us sick.

In other words, we fail to see how much impact stress has on our lives by acting as if it does not exist.  We need to stop wondering, do I have stress and begin learning how to deal with it.

According to research studies, stress accounts for many visits and illnesses.  If only we could acknowledge stress and work to release it, our bodies would be so much healthier.  We would end up paying less for health care, and our doctors wouldn’t be so worn out in trying to figure out how to heal the challenges we face in life.

We can acknowledge it or hide from it.

It is up to each one of us what we do with the stress.  We can acknowledge it or hide from it.  We’re responsible for how we deal with it.  I’m not talking about just thinking happy thoughts.  Stress is stored deep in the body, and if you don’t work at it from that level, it will continue to make difficult for you.

Bodywork such as massage or other various forms that helps you release and discharge the stored energy of stress will help you be healthier, more full of life and approach the world around you in a much different way.  Activities like Yoga, Qigong, and walks in the park will also help.  The list of helpful activities is endless.

So, quit thinking that stress is something that is wrong with you or that makes you look weak and start learning how to deal with it.  In fact, you’re a much stronger person if you go in and find a way to discharge that stress from the body and the mind.

How Do I Release Stress?

Hopefully, by now, you’re not asking, do I have stress?  Instead, I hope you’re focusing on how do I release stress.

Here’s to a new outlook on acknowledging the stress in your life and taking steps to do something about it!