How To Relax – Defying How You Deal With Stress, Part 4


How To Relax – Defying How You Deal With Stress, Part 4

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It is your choice to deal with stress or keep trying to avoid it. No one else can do this for you.

Once you realize that stress exists, you make choices as to how you will deal with it or if you will deal with it. Often we give lip service to dealing with stress in our lives while our memories forget quickly that we did.

We often think we deal with stress but most of the time we’re fooling ourselves. Hey, I speak from experience because I’ve done the same thing. Sometimes I’ve had to repeat that lesson more than once.

Resolutions To Deal With Stress

How many times will people start out a new year and make resolutions to relax more or take time out for self care? Of course, it isn’t long before these resolutions or endeavors are tossed by the side of the road.

We may have good intentions that we need to do things to relax and get rid of stress in our lives, but if we don’t follow through, what is the purpose? Without awareness and a conscious decision to make changes, our words hold no purpose or meaning. They are fillers of space.

Often times we make too big of plans to deal with stress. We try to go all-in when maybe a more bite-sized approach works better. If we haven’t been focusing on relaxation and getting rid of stress in our lives, what leads us to believe that grandiose plans will get us there?

Our Bad Habits Get In The Way

Humans are creatures of habit, but often our bad habits get in the way of our good ones. In order to make relaxation a way of life, focus on the small things that you can begin doing today. Focus on the things you are most likely to carry forward into tomorrow. I believe that is the key in how we deal with stress because if we find something that works, we’re more apt to do it.

What we do in a day really is our choice. Yes, there are some things that need to happen, but where we put our focus is where our time is spent. If we focus on that which makes us healthy and strong, our days will make time for these things. If we say we’ll put it off until tomorrow, relaxation will never find the time of day in our lives.

No one can convince us that we need to take time out in our day to do this. No one can tell us how we should live our lives. It is done through our choices and our awareness. Without acknowledging these things, we’re just standing in motion.

Numbing And Survival

Even though we may believe we make the best choices, often numbing and survival mode keeps truth hidden from view. To not focus on relaxation and stress in a day means we are not as aware and conscious as we might believe. We’re living more in survival and numbing than in consciousness.

When you make the choice to deal with stress and make relaxation a part of your life, you will need to find the time that works for you. if you make it a regular thing, then it will be easier to make it happen. If it is something that you do when you think about it, nothing will happen long-term.

For each person, the time to focus on relaxation is different. No one size fits all. It doesn’t have to be a long time each day. There are so many simple things that can take you out of survival, numbing, and disconnect into feeling, observing, and being connected to something greater in your day.

How To Relax Series

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