Finding The Deep Peace Of Relaxation


Finding The Deep Peace Of Relaxation

Peace and Stillness In The Woods
Relaxation Through Awareness
Enjoy The Moment Is Priceless

One of the concepts I have been working to learn more about, since I was paralyzed, is finding deep peace of relaxation.  When I went through Conversion Disorder, relaxation was not something I understood like I thought I did.  Yes, you could not have convinced me at the time, but two personal experiences brought this concept home to my mind.

When I was going through Conversion Disorder, it began to become clear just how stressed I was and how much I did not see it.  Relaxation was the furthest thing from existence for me, but I did not know it.  I had been seeing a chiropractor who kept telling me I needed to learn how to deal with stress.  While I knew that in my mind, I didn’t know how to get there.

Many of us in this world are the same way.  We think a momentary excursion into relaxation is all we need.  In many ways, our fleeting relaxing moments are not as much as we lead ourselves to believe.  We are very good at fooling ourselves into believing what does not exist.

Deep Peace Of Relaxation – Examples

Relaxation Sitting Outside

On my first weekend at the Bridgeway Psychiatric hospital, I had plenty of time to just stop and smell the roses, as the old saying goes.  I was sitting in my wheelchair and could not get around easily, so I got them to put me outside in the sun.  It was a beautiful August day in Arkansas with very few clouds in the sky. 

I remember the sky was such a beautiful blue color and realized that it had been some time since I just observed something as simple as the sky.  The birds were chirping and flying around.  The wind blew gently against my face.  I just sat there and observed and noticed and became one with my surroundings.  It was a moment of finding the deep peace of relaxation and one that I still do not forget today.

Deep Peace In Guided Meditations

Another moment of finding the deep peace of relaxation was when I participated in some guided relaxation group therapy sessions.  In these sessions, we would all sit around the room in a comfortable place.  The therapist would have music playing and read a guided relaxing meditation to us. 

The whole point was to just be there in that moment and let go, finding the deep peace we so longed for in our life.  I remember loving this moment and never missing a session of it.  One particular day, I remember going out so much that they had to wake me up when it was done.  If you know me well, one thing you’ll realize is that I don’t always feel safe around people.  On this day, I let go, feeling safe enough to just go in and find the deep peace of relaxation.

Deep Peace In A Unified Therapy Session

Through Unified Therapy, I have now learned that if I go in and do the hard work of healing in a session, I’m more apt to find a stronger and deeper sense of relaxation.  It is a moment of peace like we hardly ever feel.  Yes, I know we have moments of peace, but this is far beyond that point.  It is so deep that when you get to it, you want no one to bring you back from it.  You bask in how it feels and you connect so much deeper with your mind and body.

It isn’t just a moment where you feel peaceful.  This point of deep peace is far beyond what most of us ever experience.

I’ve had some sessions lately where I didn’t quite reach this point so in this last session when I got there, it was so beautiful and welcomed.  I remember Dr. Canali walking into the room to check on me and saying, “oh, you’re still in that space.  I’ll come back.”  Yes, I did not want to come out of that space and like he knows, when you are in it, so much healing and progress can be made.

In A Relaxation Massage

As a massage therapist, I’ve taken people into deep relaxation, but so much more is possible after you’ve done some very intense body release work.  When you reach that point, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  Even in massage, we do not always reach this point, even if we reach a very powerful relaxing moment.

Finding the deep peace of relaxation helps you assimilate all that you have dealt with in a healing session.  It also helps you remember you have so much power and possibility within you.  For when we reach that reward of deep peace, we know it exists.  We will know without a doubt that inside of us there is this awareness of possibility and consciousness.