December 2018 Blogs I Read

December 2018 Blogs I Read

Please check out these blogs that I read. Give the bloggers some love!

Some of the December 2018 blogs I read are listed on this page. As I find a blog post I love, I’m making an entry so you can read it too. Just because I list a blog here, does not necessarily mean I agree with everything a blogger writes. These are just some that I read.

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The Ostrich Egg: My Journey to Mental Wealth

  • Blog: Gum On My Shoe
    • In one of the December 2018 blogs I read, it always hurts me to see that others have experienced some horrible things, but I love her line “If I know one thing it is that once this storm passes a butterfly will re-emerge.” – I have found the same thing and I try to remember the moments when I did re-emerge so when times get difficult, it helps keep me going. Thank you for having the courage to write and share.

6 Hurtful Labels To Stop Using On Ourselves And Others

  • Blog: ExperiMentations
    • It is interesting that you stated, “I’m Bored” because that is one of the things I find myself saying. I had never given it a thought that there may be some underlying emotion I’m not in touch with or anxiety about how we use our time. I will have to be more conscious of this and see what I discover. It was eye-opening reading this in one of the December 2018 blogs I read.

HSPs and the Importance of Emotional Permission

  • Blog: Rayne Dowell
    • I too was not allowed to express emotions. As a kid, I easily cried at little things because I connected so deeply. However, if I cried, I was told I was a baby or beat for crying. I have come a long way in dealing with being a very sensitive person but sometimes the emotions just get way too intense and I shut down. Now I am working to better give myself permission to have the emotions. Emotions are a good thing – they just overwhelm me at times

The Car On The Wrong Side Of The Road

  • Blog: Radiant Universe
    • One thing I’ve discovered though is that we all have a piece of “truth” in what we say. I’m not sure if “truth” is the best word, but we’ve all got pieces of life that are really at the core of what exists. The more we can learn to share these, the more all of us are complete. Even though we’ve got the good in us, I’m learning that there are sometimes parts that I do not desire in others. Those parts, I’m free to leave behind if I want.

Words Mean Nothing Without A Genuine Heart

  • Blog: Miriam McGuirk
    • I have to admit when I hear “PR”, I think of scamming and spinning. It is nice to read that authenticity through relationship building and trust is really the aim of PR. I am a strong believer in that your word has to mean something because I think many humans (maybe not all) can see through the fake side communication.


  • Blog: Callum Stanford
    • I have been following along for some time and you have a story that is inspiring. Most likely it didn’t feel that way as you lived it, but to the outside eye – I’m in awe of what you overcame. I find it helpful how you share the raw feelings and moments of your experiences. You really draw me into the story of your life you share.

October Leaves

  • Blog:  Lion Hearted Girl
    • I love the thought here about letting go. Even though October has passed, I think the messages carry throughout the year. The trees are excellent teachers of this concept. In the spring, what they let go, is now replaced by something more beautiful.

You Travel Not Alone

  • Blog:  Laura Corbeth
  • I love what Laura did with a video of reading one of my poems. It brings tears to my eyes when I see that my words have touched another person’s heart.