Insecurities Are Like A Hidden Poison


Insecurities Are Like A Hidden Poison

The more I walk on this journey, the more I discover. I hope that you will confront your insecurities and use the fear of them as a motivating power to help you walk forward in your life.

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Dealing With Our Insecurities is an excerpt from my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition. This blog post comes from page 202 which is found in chapter 16.

Do I have insecurities to this day? Yes, I most definitely do. They still exist, but on a different level where I actively work with them. They are no longer hiding in the shadows. Some may still not be in full view, but I am now more open to going in and rooting these out of my life. If they come up, I try to observe and learn from them. I try to focus on letting them go and reclaiming another piece of my life rather than just holding on as if they were my life’s sustenance.

Insecurity Is Like Hidden Poison

Sometimes these things kick my butt hard, and other times I win major battles over them. I do not wish to let them take refuge within me like hidden poison because they will do long-term damage to me physically and mentally. The conversion disorder showed me just how far these things would go, and end up bringing significant harm.

There may be a strong force trying to hold you back

When you work to let go of insecurity and face the fear and truths on which you have based your life, there may be many things that will attempt to hold you back. From people, beliefs, religious dogma or other opinions, you may experience a very strong force that will do everything in its power not to let you discover your true self.

You must be strong in these times and keep walking no matter what. When you start to confront the things that hold you back, there are powerful forces that will stop at nothing to prevent those changes from taking place.

Family And Religious Dogma

Family and religious dogma want you to stay locked into their sets of beliefs because if you don’t, it shakes their foundation. In no way do others want you to shake their foundation because by doing that, they may be forced to confront their truths and who they are in life. However, that is their path and their set of issues they must work through. It is not yours.

Even if you’re not sure how to walk into the discovery of all that you are, start heading in that direction with that thought. If you keep questioning it, you will discover more about who you are. Have courage and don’t let anyone stop you or delude you or trick you into thinking that you’re on the wrong path.

When we do step out in the discovery of truth, we will find that others are walking with us. We may not see them initially, but they are there. It takes us choosing to begin the journey to discover a life that is beyond what we know at this moment.

Stand strong with courage

Push Past Your Insecurities

The more we discover about who we are, the more empowered we are to become more of who we are. Life is not about following what everyone else thinks we should follow. It is about discovering our true essence and awareness of what is our existence. It is being human and learning to live in a human body, full of possibility for greater consciousness.

Others may claim they have your best interests at heart, but if it does not match up with every cellular component of your body, set it aside and find your path. Look for those things that help you progress forward, heal your life, and put into full view all that you think you know.

Don’t Let Insecurity Hold You Back

It is not an easy path to walk, but it is a necessary one. It does have rewards for you, but until you step out on the journey, they will not be shown. I believe we are meant as humans to become all that we are and to grow in awareness and consciousness. In my own life, something propels me forward from all that I thought I knew into a moment of discovering what is possible.

As I continue to walk, I am discovering truths and possibilities that I did not realize existed. The more I walk on this journey, the more I discover. I hope that you will confront your insecurities and use the fear of them as a motivating power to help you walk forward in your life.

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

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