Dancing With Life


Dancing With Life

Stronger Together
Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds
Christmas Carols Played On The Piano

Creating a song on the piano comes from deep within my soul and heart. Dancing With Life tells a story of healing. The music just flows as if I am talking to someone in a conversation. Whatever is weighing on my mind is what I reflect through the music. This leads to the titles that each song gets.

One of the things to know about me is that when I create this music, it is not like I can replay the song over. Music I create is recorded in the moment. I do not hear the actual song unless I record it and play it over. While this may sound odd, it is true.

I dedicate this album to my mom and my own healing process through the grief of losing her so suddenly.

As you begin, the song, “Another Sunrise” helps one see there is another day and a tomorrow. Gentle Breezes is a track that helps us stop and notice those simple things in life. Dealing with grief, we overlook the simple. They can be energizing and supportive to us as we progress along this journey.

Where Did You Go is a song that comes from the question I asked myself over and over. I struggled hard to answer this question for a long time. I’m Still Looking followed the song, Where Did You Go.

No matter how much grief I was experiencing, I knew that I needed to Stand Firm in all the grief. It was overwhelming at the time. Even as the next track suggests, there is A Calm In The Storm because in grief there are intense moments followed by calmer brief moments until those more peaceful moments become more and more frequent.

Comfort In The Midst, Lazy Afternoon, and I’m Supposed To Smile tell a story of healing. All of these were parts of the grief that I was working through as I tried to find my way through living life once again.

Crying and tears were a big part of my process as I reflect in the tracks called Unknown Tears and When The Last Teardrop Falls.

As I progressed through, the more positive and happy moments of what I remembered about my mom came through in the following songs. Singing With The Birds, A Simple Place In Life, Dancing With Life. Let’s Soar is the last track on this CD and I think it encapsulates the moment when I was able to push beyond the grief and see so much more my mom meant to me.

To hear a sound sample and learn more about Dancing With Life, check out more information on my website at DonShetterly.com .

Dancing With Life is 52 minutes and the beautiful music will transport you to another dimension of peace and joy.

I hope you enjoy this music.


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Dancing With Life