Creations By Don Shetterly


Creations By Don Shetterly

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma
Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds
How Did I Overcome A Mysterious Condition

It has been some time since I really shared my creations. I don’t often push them too hard on here, since the content matters most on this blog. The products I sell are secondary but they help support me. Hopefully, that comes through in my intent.

The books I created are about my experiences in my personal journey of healing. While they do share my story, I have tried to make sure those parts are not too overwhelming. The focus is more on how I came through all of this and what I did to heal, rather than the horror-filled experiences.

Each of these items listed links to the item on Amazon. If you make any purchases, I do receive a small affiliate commission. As a result, it does help me out.

Book Creations By Don Shetterly

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition – Book

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition - Creations by Don Shetterly

One of the most recent items I’ve released was my latest book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition. It has received many wonderful reviews. I continue to hear from many about how it has touched their lives.

From the book description – “In 1991, Don Shetterly found himself caught in a medical nightmare that felt like it would never end. A mysterious condition suddenly came on that left him paralyzed – unable to walk and barely able to speak. Pseudoseizures, a multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis, and multiple emergency room and doctor visits left his family wondering how to help him. [more]

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma – Book

Hope and Possibility Through Trauma  - Creations by Don Shetterly

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma, my first book, is still going strong and as one reader told me, “it is a must-read in addition to the newest book.” This same friend thought it was a good lead into my latest book.

From the book description – “Have you been abused? Do you suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts? Does life seem like a hopeless struggle of desperation? Suffering from a somatoform disorder (also known as a conversion disorder) in 1991, Don Shetterly was [more]

Music Creations By Don Shetterly

I have many CD’s out but lately I have not created much new music. Maybe one day soon again I’ll get inspired and record more, but for now, that inspiration just isn’t there.

Most of my music is very calm and relaxing. It is meant to help one stop and rest in a day, enjoying relaxation, peacefulness, and stillness. There is a quality to my music that takes you deep within, finding those places that need extra help and assistance as you let them go.

In addition, please listen to one of my creations on YouTube. The title of this song is I Don’t Understand Hate.

Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds CD

Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds  - Creations by Don Shetterly

One of my all-time favorites and one that I use to sleep to is the ocean sounds that I actually recorded at the ocean. Mother Nature created these sounds and I just captured them. This CD runs all day long in our house.

“Imagine it is a warm sunny afternoon on the beach, with the sun shining down and a light ocean breeze blowing against you. As you relax on a beach towel, listen to the waves come in and go out, as the rhythm lulls you into a deep relaxed and meditative state. [more]

Christmas Songs CD

Christmas Piano Songs  - Creations by Don Shetterly

The Christmas Songs CD is made up of some of my favorite Christmas music that I recorded on the keyboard.

“Enjoy those relaxing moments during the holiday season as you listen to these beautiful Christmas songs, played on the piano. Reminisce about an old fashioned Christmas with the fire roaring in the background, the Christmas tree lights twinkling and singing those favorite Christmas carols around the piano. [more]

Relaxing Spa Music CD

Relaxing Spa Music  - Creations by Don Shetterly

Relaxing Spa Music, my all-time favorite relaxing music CD is another one of my creations. Created as a Mother’s Day project, the music is good for any time and is so relaxing.

“Relax to the easy flowing piano sounds of Don Shetterly’s music just as if you are actually in a spa being pampered. Songs that will delight your ears, relax your muscles and just give you one of the best things you could ever give yourself. [more]

Focusing CD


Focusing is my next CD, going back chronologically. To me, it was recorded with the intent of drawing deep within myself through all my struggles and triumphs. “Into the Deep” is one of my favorite songs I recorded on it.

“Drawing deep from within the soul of Don’s own personal struggles and triumphs, this CD is both reflective and forward-looking. It grabs our attention as we look within ourselves, and as we look deeper, we become more aware, more focused and [more]

Dancing With Life CD

Dancing With Life

Dancing With Life was the first full-length CD creation that I recorded. It reflected all that I learned going through it and the beautiful side that emerged.

“Imagine for a moment, someone sitting down at the piano. Fingers touch the keys as if the heavens are releasing another sound. Each note played is a connection to the note that follows. All of the notes together combine to form a song, a thought, and a dance with life. [more]

I am continuing to write, so in the year ahead there will be more books coming out. I appreciate the support of everyone that has purchased these products and all the feedback many have given. It warms my heart to know that something I’ve created resonates with another person and touches them deeply.

I’ve seen my music and book creations travel all over the world. It amazes me just how far a creation of mine can go. This touches me so deeply and really impacts my life when I notice it.

Please also note that if you see one of these items for an astronomically high price on Amazon, that is probably not coming from me. Each item is priced at reasonable amounts. Don’t let the scammers burn you.

Above all, if you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction. All these links should be accurate to the best of my knowledge.