Creating A Conscious Human in 5 Amazing Steps


Creating A Conscious Human in 5 Amazing Steps

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One of the things I see these days is the disappearance of a conscious human. That may sound odd to most but there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Many like to claim a new age belief or a religious belief and proclaim they are a conscious human. Yet their actions don’t match their words, and far too often their words devolve down into a recitation of beliefs.

Some of what I write may differ from your experiences, views, and beliefs. I am fine with it. The things that I write come out of my own life journey that has taken me to the depths of hell and torment. In my life, I’ve had to fight to come back from my last breath, through paralysis and pain and heartache.

When most would have given up, somehow I found my way through what I endured. This is the basis of what I share. I don’t expect everyone will agree, but it is my truth that I have discovered and I am sharing with the world.

What Is A Conscious Human?

In my view, a conscious human is one that has traveled into the depths of their life and is reclaiming, healing, or learning from all their life experiences. We all have things that we’ve encountered and I personally believe that part of this life experience is to work through those encounters and experiences.

A conscious human is not one that needs to proclaim to the world how great they are, how spiritual they are, or how enlightened they are. People will know it by how they treat others or how their words match up to their actions. They will walk the talk.

It won’t be a put-on show or a made up event. People can question what the conscious human says or does and they won’t be offended. If something leads them to a new revelation in their life, they will embrace it with eagerness, not lash out in blame and abuse.

A conscious human is one that sees the good in all things and people. They are the ones that see the bigger picture and don’t get bogged down only in the current moment. Seeing the bigger picture and ignoring the noise of the moment are key parts of a conscious human.

In addition, they are in touch with their feelings, emotions, limitations, and all parts of their mind body that they have come to know. They operate and vibrate at a frequency that is often different than most inhabitants of the world. They are humble, yet confident and courageous and live in reality.

It isn’t that a conscious human ignores fear, pain, or sadness. They have or are learning how to deal with it and move through it, not be taken over by it. They experience all the range of emotions, not just the positive ones that become fake like most of the world beliefs.

Five Steps To A Conscious Human

The 5 amazing steps in creating a conscious human include the following list which I will describe in more detail. While these are my simplified steps, I’m sure anyone could debate if there are more than these five. I have chosen to simplify it in the way my brain is attempting to describe and share these points.

  1. Stopping To Notice
  2. Feeling And The Felt Sense
  3. Connected Mind and Body
  4. Conscious Awareness
  5. Making Different Choices

1. Stopping To Notice

One of the things we do not do well as humans is stopping to notice. We daydream our minutes away or we’re lost in the noise and minutia of the things that matter little.

More importantly though, we do not stop to notice what is happening in the body we inhabit. The body constantly sends us signals about what is happening and how our focus impacts its function.

Take, for instance, if you walk outside and the weather is cold or hot. Hopefully you are able to realize that it is hot or cold and dress appropriately. This is how your body is taking time to give you feedback as to what is happening.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the more detailed and intricate internal events, we’re more numb. Most of the time we just don’t sense or feel them because we’ve turned off the sensing. Something in life or a series of stressful moments has created an overwhelming set of circumstances. The only way we can get through the day is by turning these things off using numbing. If we tried to embrace them it would overwhelm us to the point of not being able to function.

However, when we do this, we are causing greater harm because the more we don’t feel and sense, the less we have control over. These moments of overwhelm end up controlling us and causing all types of physical and mental struggles.

A conscious human has learned how to stop and notice all that is going on in the moment. They are aware of their feelings and sensations. If they are not able to process everything in this moment, they set aside time where they can stop to notice. Their goal is giving themselves the permission to sense and feel.

2. Feeling And Felt Sense

In a conscious human, feeling and the felt sense are critical to functioning in life. These individuals realize that by allowing feelings and the felt sense to be acknowledged, they can glean all that they need to from this experience. it becomes a stepping stone to further knowledge and awareness. It puts the individual in control by feeling and sensing.

How many times do we not feel emotions and pain and so many other things in life? I believe the more we do this, the more we suffer. Now, please understand that I’m not suggesting that this is a thought-only-based concept. It is not. Feelings and the felt sense are derived from the body, not just the mind.

When you stop and notice or give yourself the time to do that, you will feel things in your body that you didn’t realize were present. This is the felt sense. It is what you notice when you give yourself permission to feel and sense. Most of the time it will be a place of discomfort or pain. It might be something that you don’t quite notice or that you can’t quite feel. Sometimes it might be a trembling sensation or even a hot or cold area.

I have seen this so many times in the therapy I have gone through in my life. Even now when I practice this, I don’t always feel the pain or tense spots within my body until I stop and notice them. When I do, it is the information feedback for where I start to focus my attention.

There are no right or wrong parts of the felt sense. What you feel in the body is what matters most. It is the beginning point of becoming connected in the mind and body. A conscious human learns how to work with these parts once they are able to acknowledge them.

Throughout our days, we face many points of stress and triggers. Some of these things connect back to previous moments in our lives. The more we can notice, feel, and connect to the felt sense, the more we are able to progress forward in life. I believe it is one of the keys to gathering all there is from the human experience, especially in a conscious human.

3. Connected Mind And Body

The word-based concept of the mind body is so overused and misunderstood these days. I don’t say that as an indictment, but as something I wish people would strive to fully understand.

Most humans do not stop to notice what is going on in their body. They give lip service that they do, until something really gets their attention.

I know I still struggle with this, even though I’ve done a tremendous amount of work to get to the point where I am. I know I am not alone. After all, we are biological humans and there are many demands for our time, and many factors that weigh us down. Sometimes in order to survive our day, the last thing we need to be impacted by is a connection to the mind body.

The more we can truly inhabit the biological body we live in, the better off we are. A conscious human understands this and works to make the body connect with the mind. In another way, we could state that we work to understand the connection between our mind and thoughts and what or where is happening in the body.

None of this is easy, of course, because the demands and noise from our day often crowds our conscious awareness. It drowns it out as if it doesn’t exist. To reverse this, we need to stop and notice while sensing and feeling.

Some people use yoga, meditation, Qigong, breathing, or other things to help assist them. While these practices are wonderful and helpful, I want us to be careful in how we view them. Even with the best of practitioners of these disciplines, it may not necessarily mean you are truly connected to the mind body. You may be closer, but it doesn’t mean you are necessarily aware and a conscious human.

4. Conscious Awareness

One of the main goals you are working toward to become a conscious human is that of conscious awareness. I have stated it in this way, because just becoming aware only takes you so far.

It is when you truly connect with that awareness that you become much more powerful than you have been up to that moment. It is a point where possibility exists, unlike anything you have known up to that point.

We can be aware of some situation in life, but it doesn’t mean we will act upon it. It doesn’t mean we’ll choose differently because sometimes these things have become so ingrained in our actions that we know no different.

However, when we become consciously aware of what is happening in our lives from the body perspective, we see something different. When we connect what we feel with what our mind sees and recognizes, a major shift of truth begins to unfold for us.

This shift doesn’t happen because of enlightenment as much as that we have realized something deep within our internal workings. It is the point where the realization becomes real and gives us a different insight and view.

This all happens when we stop and notice, allowing ourselves to feel and sense through the felt sense. It is the ultimate part of the mind body connection that is so transformative and healing.

When we desire to grow into a conscious human, we allow this connection to take place. It doesn’t matter if there is pain, sadness, and discontent to get to this moment. We see it as part of the process that unfolds and takes us forward in the journey of life.

It becomes another piece of the puzzle to help illuminate where the journey leads those that wish to become a conscious human. No longer are we stuck in the past as we can now see that there is something more.

A conscious human embraces all parts of the path to get to this point. Again, I can’t repeat enough that this begins by stopping to notice so that we can feel and sense all that is in the mind body connection.

5. Making Different Choices

Once a conscious human has done the hard work of engaging the felt sense with feeling and sensing in the body, we arrive at the choices we make in life. Little do we fully realize how much the choices we make are a result of learned behaviors and patterns, not necessary conscious thought.

Yes, I know that we like to think we make conscious choices, but the sad truth is we do not. We have been so conditioned for most of our lives to do what we were taught. This started from birth and continues until our present moment.

Unless you’re willing to do the hard work of becoming a conscious human, you’ll continue to repeat the things that hold you back in life. Whether they are difficulties and struggles, pain and despair, they will continue to haunt you.

Please understand that I’m not saying that tomorrow all will be well and you’ll be a perfect person. You most likely won’t be a conscious human all at once. It takes time and hard work. For the most part, it is a journey and a step-by-step process that unfolds when the time is ready.

I do not see becoming a conscious human as an end point, but one where you make continual progress.

Part of becoming a conscious human is that you learn you can make different choices. While that may seem obvious, if we continue the patterns of our life experiences, we continue making the same choices that keep us stuck.

These things must be noticed, felt, and sensed in the body because if you only focus on the mind, you’re leaving out half the equation. The body is where it is all connected and far too many times in this world we only focus on the mind. I somehow wish I could get the civilzation of this world to understand that one point.

Yet, I know it isn’t easy as I struggled with it most of my life. It took me going through conversion disorder before I began to wake up. In fact, things got so bad for me, no one knew if I would make it through what I experienced. Many thought my life would not be anywhere close to normal, but I proved them wrong!

The more I have learned about this and applied it to my actual healing, the more I realize how my life is impacted by choices I make. It is far too easy to act as if we don’t make these choices, but the cold hard truth is that we do. I know many may not want to hear it, but I cannot say it any other way.

When something is happening in the body, there is something that connects to the mind. If we ignore it or act as if it is not there, we will continue to perpetuate the choices we make. They may not be healthy or helpful, but until we can break the pattern in the mind body connection, we will keep doing that which we want to stop.

Becoming a conscious human involves all of these previously mentioned points, but when we work toward that goal, we will find that we can make different choices. When you are able to make different choices, you’re the one in control. You’re the one that has the power in your life and no one can take that away from you. It becomes your truth that is held in the purest part of your internal self that nothing can harm.

When you are conscious and aware, you look out for the good of all parts of this universe, not just your own…

Posted by Mind Body Thoughts on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Is A Conscious Human Perfect?

I don’t believe perfect humans and conscious humans are the same thing. Perfection is not the goal or outcome you are trying to reach. It is more about getting to the point where you can make different choices that put you in control.

Even the most conscious human being makes mistakes. I don’t believe that to be conscious means you are perfect or you wouldn’t make a mistake. In fact, to a conscious human, making mistakes means you are out in the arena trying things. You’re bound to make mistakes, but they aren’t life consuming, only building blocks to something more.

We ridicule far too many these days for the slightest things. We should embrace those that make mistakes and not strive for perfection, especially if they are growing and learning from the process.

All too often I’ve seen enlightened people or the ones that are considered to be a conscious human act as if they have all the answers. Maybe they have some answers, but then they try to make themselves out to be more than they are.

Of course, many demand answers from these people so the stress of being that perfect person is so great, they succumb to it. While most may want to stand on their own truth and resist the need to be what others demand of them, it is much easier to write the words than to put them into action.

I’ve seen some enlightened people be mocked and laughed at because they weren’t everything to all people when satisfaction was immediately demanded.

I have had clients that thought I could solve all their issues in one session, and it was not easy holding back the tsunami in those moments. Instead of them using each session as a building block to becoming a conscious human, they demanded that I solve the problem.

If you’re a person that does that to others, you’re going to continue the road of suffering for a long time. You will be let down by those that can help you if it is nothing more than rooted in your mindset.

On the other hand, If someone acts as if they are perfect, be aware of what hides behind the veil of what you don’t see.

Each of us has our faults and our good points, but if we only show one side to the world, everyone will have a view that is not balanced. Many are good at hiding that which they don’t want anyone to see while showing the side they do. Be careful you don’t get misled by how they appear to you.

Benefits Of Becoming A Conscious Human

I think that becoming a conscious human benefits the world, humanity, and our everyday experience. We all have a journey to walk and as we walk it, we impact other people.

Sometimes our impacts may illuminate their path forward and at other times it may cause difficult challenges. Either way, it may lead them to making different discoveries and choices which will bring them to a greater point of awareness.

We never know how our lives impact other people. Sometimes we get a glimpse of it, but most often we don’t Yet, the person who was impacted by us in positive or stressful ways knows without a doubt the role you played in their life.

I believe our civilization and world are struggling through some of the most difficult times we have ever known. If we hold back in becoming a conscious human, then I believe we hold the world back. I believe we become a hinderance to the rest of humanity.

Maybe this is a lot of pressure to put on anyone, but I think of it as simply playing our role. The more aware we become out of our own experiences and challenges in life, the more we can make choices to go forth and help the world unfold and grow.

On the other hand, if we don’t become all that we can be then we hold back humanity. It may seem insignificant in the overall view, but when you multiply yourself by a thousand or a million, the perspective changes. If each one of us strived to be the best version of us that we could be, the world would change.

To become a conscious human, I believe a benefit involves helping the world become all that it is. We’re not just here to hoard and increase our wealth and abundance. We are here, in my view, to help each other heal, grow, and live life to the fullest human experience there is.

For a long time I worked in a job where if the individual showed up to the jobsite, the company who hired them considered their role was complete. Instead of making sure the individual was the best person for the job and actually completed the job in the correct way, they considered that to be outside of their responsibility. The result was that so many issues arose because the company failed to be the best at what they should be. All they were interested in was getting the billable hours, not the quality of the individual or the job they did.

This is how I see what a conscious human adds to the world. They don’t settle for the minimum. They don’t stop their own growth or healing. Instead they try to achieve all they can by working on themselves to heal and grow in unimaginable ways.

We can only be as good as the parts of who we are. The more we hide and hinder our growth and healing, the less we add to the world. It is up to each one of us. No one can do this for us or force us into becoming a conscious human. It is solely in our control.

If you look at my life, I have been through so much. There were many times I could have just sat down and stopped. No one would have blamed me. However, I was bound and determined that to win over those that brought harm to me, I was going to become the best version of myself that I could.

I’m still a work in progress. There are days and moments I excel and other times that I fall down every second. Yet, I still keep going. I know that for me to become a conscious human means that I’m helping the world through challenging times.

The world needs more that are conscious humans. We need to change if this world and civilization are going to survive. I’m asking all that read this to focus on becoming more aware so you can make the choices that lead to a higher consciousness in your life. The more you do this, the more it benefits the collective consciousness of the world and universe. Let’s be more and do more than we currently do. If you think you’re doing enough already, let me challenge you to step back and think differently.

Remember that to become a conscious human, we need to stop and notice so that we can feel and sense. Once we do this, we connect the mind and body together which leads to awareness. When we’ve got awareness, we can become more conscious by making different choices.

Written Dec 22, 2020

Photo (c) by Don Shetterly 2020