Connecting To The Body Pain Connection


Connecting To The Body Pain Connection

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Feeling Pain

Connecting To The Body Pain Connection is how we go from an observation of the pain to one where we can transform it into possibility and healing.  It is not just about feeling the pain but using it to transform us.  The more we understand about our suffering from an internal feeling of awareness, the more conscious we will become.

Once we are in the space of allowing ourselves to feel the body pain connection, it is then we begin a transformation.  Instead of pain and heartache overpowering us, we start the process of opening up.  We open up to awareness and consciousness.  It is not something that we mentally think about it.  It derives from the feeling in the body and allows the nervous system to connect

When we allow ourselves a moment of stopping and observing, asking “what do you feel in your body,” it is then that we begin to feel.  It can be that simple.  For it to unfold, we will need to be silent and stay in a listening mode.  Observing is the key here with nothing else to be said or that matters at this moment.  Listen and observe.  Ask the question and wait.

Once we start feeling whatever it is in the body, we’ve made the felt sense connection.  We may feel pain or heat and cold.  It may be trembling and shaking.  It could be itching or roaming and crawling feeling across our body.  There are no right and wrong observations.  Whatever we feel in the body is what matters.

Sometimes you don’t feel anything.  More often than not, we are so numb to what we feel in our body because we’ve turned that part off for so long.  It barely functions in our life.  I’m not talking about overwhelming pain because even in the exercise, it may cloud out deeper layers.  So, see if you can allow yourself to go beyond that.  Whatever the sensation, feel it but do it as an observer, not necessarily as a victim to it without control.

When we are feeling and connecting to the body pain connection, we may feel like we have no control over it.  Keep reminding yourself that you are traveling into something that will give you a much greater awareness.  It is taking you into the heart of your existence beyond the things in life that hold you back.  Doing this may be difficult.  Keep that thought as the goal.

See if you can find a movement that helps you in connecting to the body pain connection.  We are not looking for quick and exaggerated movements.  These movements are slow and methodical connected to your core.  It is as if you are using the movement like a magnifying glass to feel and discover every square inch of the sensation in your body.  You want to travel to the edges of the discomfort, but not beyond.

The mind and body will not support you if you continually push past the edges of discomfort.  When you push beyond the limits, it takes you into overwhelm.  Please don’t mistake this for thinking that you cannot travel into overwhelm.  Don’t stay there in overwhelm for too long or it will exhaust the mind, body, and nervous system.  When you exhaust the body systems, it will not be your friend, but a weary companion that wishes to do no more.  It will become your enemy rather than your helper.

Continue to explore the outer edges of discomfort of the sensation.  You may notice that things change.  The original sensations you experienced no longer appear in the same way.  They may morph into something new.  If they do, follow them to the edges with a connected movement.

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Connecting To The Body Pain Connection